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    A simple plugin for Reveal.js 4, that can let the user choose a language for the presentation.


    This Readme is not finished yet :-)

    A few points:

    • You will need to make JSON files.
    • You may generate your first JSON file by first setting the makejson option to true. Then you also need to append an URL parameter of ?makejson to the URL and load the page (this to avoid having a JSON download each time on production, if you ever forget to change the setting back). This will immediately download a JSON file generated from the current HTML content, but you will still need to tag the texts with a data-attribute in advance. Make sure that you have no other languages in the language object before attempting to do this.
    • Sections need ID's for this plugin to work, so you can always move your slides around later on.
    • The loading of JSON files will not work from a local filesystem. If you really want translation then, you can put the 'dictionary' object as a whole in the Reveal options for Internation. In the demo I did that for 'Nederlands'.
    • Switching languages can be done through either a select or radio buttons. Any switch will update the other(s). The demo has a fake select in the menubar that works with radio buttons. You can pick and style your own way of switching.


    npm i reveal.js-internation

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