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retext plugin to check for proper use of diacritics.



npm install retext-diacritics


Say we have the following file, example.txt:

Beyonce is the creme fresh on his resume.

…and our script, example.js, looks like this:

var vfile = require('to-vfile')
var report = require('vfile-reporter')
var unified = require('unified')
var english = require('retext-english')
var stringify = require('retext-stringify')
var diacritics = require('retext-diacritics')
  .process(vfile.readSync('example.txt'), function(err, file) {
    console.error(report(err || file))

Now, running node example yields:

    1:1-1:8  warning  Replace `Beyonce` with `Beyoncé`            beyonce      retext-diacritics
  1:16-1:27  warning  Replace `creme fresh` with `crème fraîche`  creme-fresh  retext-diacritics
  1:31-1:41  warning  Replace `his resume` with `his résumé`      his-resume   retext-diacritics
⚠ 3 warnings


retext().use(diacritics[, options])

Check for proper use of diacritics.


Phrases not to warn about (Array.<string>).


The following VFileMessages are used:

source ruleId Incorrect Correct
retext-diacritics angstrom Angstrom Ångström
retext-diacritics a-la-carte a la carte à la carte
retext-diacritics a-la-mode a la mode à la mode
retext-diacritics a-resume a resume a résumé
retext-diacritics acai acai açaí
retext-diacritics angstrom angstrom ångström
retext-diacritics beau-ideal beau ideal beau idéal
retext-diacritics beyonce beyonce beyoncé
retext-diacritics boutonniere boutonniere boutonnière
retext-diacritics bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-à-brac
retext-diacritics bronte bronte brontë
retext-diacritics cafe cafe café
retext-diacritics cause-celebre cause celebre cause célèbre
retext-diacritics champs-elysees champs-elysees champs-Élysées
retext-diacritics chevre chevre chèvre
retext-diacritics citroen citroen citroën
retext-diacritics cliche cliche cliché
retext-diacritics comme-ci-comme-ca comme ci comme ca comme ci comme ça
retext-diacritics comsi-comsa comsi comsa comme ci comme ça
retext-diacritics consomme consomme consommé
retext-diacritics coup-d'etat coup d'etat coup d'état
retext-diacritics coup-de-grace coup de grace coup de grâce
retext-diacritics creme-brulee creme brulee crème brûlée
retext-diacritics creme-de-menthe creme de menthe crème de menthe
retext-diacritics creme-fraice creme fraice crème fraîche
retext-diacritics creme-fresh creme fresh crème fraîche
retext-diacritics crepe crepe crêpe
retext-diacritics crudites crudites crudités
retext-diacritics curacao curacao curaçao
retext-diacritics debutante debutante débutante
retext-diacritics decor decor décor
retext-diacritics deja-vu deja vu déjà vu
retext-diacritics denouement denouement dénouement
retext-diacritics doppelganger doppelganger doppelgänger
retext-diacritics el-nino el nino el niño
retext-diacritics emigre emigre émigré
retext-diacritics facade facade façade
retext-diacritics fiance fiance fiancé
retext-diacritics fiancee fiancee fiancée
retext-diacritics filmjolk filmjolk filmjölk
retext-diacritics flambe flambe flambé
retext-diacritics fuhrer fuhrer führer
retext-diacritics garcon garcon garçon
retext-diacritics gewurztraminer gewurztraminer gewürztraminer
retext-diacritics haagen-dazs haagen dazs häagen-dazs
retext-diacritics haagen-dazs haagen-dazs häagen-dazs
retext-diacritics her-resume her resume her résumé
retext-diacritics his-resume his resume his résumé
retext-diacritics jalapeno jalapeno jalapeño
retext-diacritics la-nina la nina la niña
retext-diacritics lowenbrau lowenbrau löwenbräu
retext-diacritics lycee lycee lycée
retext-diacritics maitre-d maitre d maître d
retext-diacritics menage-a-trois menage a trois ménage à trois
retext-diacritics monegasque monegasque monégasque
retext-diacritics motley-crue motley crue mötley crüe
retext-diacritics my-resume my resume my résumé
retext-diacritics negligee negligee négligée
retext-diacritics nescafe nescafe nescafé
retext-diacritics paper-mache paper mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics paper-mache paper-mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics papier-mache papier-mache papier-mâché
retext-diacritics pina-colada pina colada piña colada
retext-diacritics protege protege protégé
retext-diacritics protegee protegee protégée
retext-diacritics puree puree purée
retext-diacritics quebec quebec québec
retext-diacritics quebecois quebecois québécois
retext-diacritics queensryche queensryche Queensrÿche
retext-diacritics raison-d'etre raison d'etre raison d'être
retext-diacritics risque risque risqué
retext-diacritics roue roue roué
retext-diacritics senor senor señor
retext-diacritics senora senora señora
retext-diacritics senorita senorita señorita
retext-diacritics skoda skoda Škoda
retext-diacritics smorgasbord smorgasbord smörgåsbord
retext-diacritics soiree soiree soirée
retext-diacritics souffle souffle soufflé
retext-diacritics soupcon soupcon soupçon
retext-diacritics tete-a-tete tete-a-tete tête-à-tête
retext-diacritics the-resume the resume the résumé
retext-diacritics touche touche touché
retext-diacritics ubermensch ubermensch Übermensch
retext-diacritics vis-a-vis vis-a-vis vis-à-vis
retext-diacritics voila voila voilà
retext-diacritics your-resume your resume your résumé

The offending value is stored at message.actual, and the suggested values are stored at message.expected.



See in retextjs/.github for ways to get started. See for ways to get help.

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MIT © Titus Wormer


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