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    Reseed is an open-source tool for integrating static sites into subpaths.

    Requires node >=10.0.0

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    Installation & Usage

    Install with npm globally: npm install -g reseed or as a dev dependency: npm install -D reseed.
    Then run using the following structure:

    $ reseed [command] [options]

    For example: reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl

    Once installed you can also set up your package.json with a custom script, such as:

      "scripts": {
        "reseed": "reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl"

    Then use npm run reseed within your project.

    Alternatively, you can use npx to avoid installing reseed as a dependency.
    For example: npx reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl


    All commands (except clean) require both baseurl and dest options set.
    The clean command only requires the dest option set.

    See Options for more info.


    Cleans destination directory, and copies files from src to dest/baseurl. CSS and HTML files have their hrefs/urls/etc (excluding external links) rewritten so that baseurl is prepended.


    $ reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl

    reseed clean

    Deletes all files in the destination directory.


    $ reseed clean -d path/to/dest

    reseed clone-assets

    Copy all files (excluding CSS and HTML) from source to destination/baseurl without altering the data.


    $ reseed clone-assets -b baseurl -d path/to/dest

    reseed rewrite-css

    Copies css files from src to dest/baseurl. Then rewrites the newly copied files so that urls/hrefs/etc that reference local content have baseurl prepended to them.


    $ reseed rewrite-css -b baseurl -d path/to/dest

    reseed rewrite-html

    Copies html files from src to dest/baseurl. Rewrites the newly copied files so that internal urls/hrefs/etc have baseurl prepended to them.


    $ reseed rewrite-html -b baseurl -d path/to/dest

    reseed rewrite-sitemap

    Copies the sitemap from src to dest/baseurl. Rewrites the copied file so that links have baseurl prepended to them. If the provided file is a sitemap index, the referenced sitemaps will be processed similarly.

    The sitemap (or sitemap index) file can be specified using the -m | --sitemap option. If no sitemap file is specified, will default to sitemap.xml.


    $ reseed rewrite-sitemap -b baseurl -d path/to/dest -m sitemapindex.xml

    reseed serve

    Runs reseed, then serves the files on a local webserver, so that they may be viewed in a browser. Then runs watch.


    $ reseed serve -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl

    reseed watch

    Continuously watches the src directory to check for changes. If a change occurs, a new build is triggered, and the browser is then reloaded.


    $ reseed watch -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl


    Option Alias Type Description
    --source -s String The source folder to clone. Defaults to current working directory.
    --dest -d String The destination folder to clone the files to.
    --baseurl -b String The filename to prepend to the files in the source.
    --port -p Integer The port number to serve the cloned site on.
    --extrasrc -e String Extra src attribute to be rewritten.Can set multiple attributes by specifying the flag multiple times.
    --sitemap -m String Path to the index sitemap. Defaults to sitemap.xml.
    --overwrite -o Boolean When cleaning --dest, don't prompt for confirmation.
    --split Integer The number of partitions to divide files into.
    --partition Integer The partition number to process.
    --help Boolean Show help in the terminal


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