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Implement the Request/Reply pattern using Redis as backend. This pattern is typically used to handle pool of workers which we expect a result from.

If you don't care about the result from the worker, then take a look at pushpull.


npm install --save reqrep

You may want to install hiredis to, whenever possible:

npm install --save-optional hiredis


Look at (and run) sample.js for a working example.

// Workers
function onJob (data, cb) {
  // Received job's data
  console.log("Received job", this._internalId);
  // Send result:
  cb(null, 42);
var worker1 = new Reply(options);
worker1._internalId = "worker1";
var worker2 = new Reply(options);
worker2._internalId = "worker2";
// Schedulers
var sender = new Request(options);
for (var i = 0; i < 20; i++) {
  sender.send({"someData": i}, function (err, reply) {
    // …

Request API

  • new Request(options): constructor, see Options below
  • send(data, onReply, onPushed): send a new job, you can provide two optional callbacks:
    • onReply(err, reply) is called whenever a worker has replied
    • onPushed(err, data) is called as soon as the job has been properly pushed
  • error event: emitter when an error occurs (seriously)
  • end(): close the underlying clients

Reply API

  • new Request(options): constructor, see Options below
  • error event: emitter when an error occurs (seriously)
  • end(): close the underlying clients

You will note there is no "job" or "data" event. When a job is received, options.onJob is called with following arguments:

  • Job's data
  • A callback you're supposed to called once result is available: callback(err, result)
  • The job internal ID (for debugging or logging purpose)


Request and Reply take any valid option from pushpull.

  • queue is not the real Redis key name, but only a prefix
    • Note: generated keys are {queue}replies:* and {queue}requests
  • onJob (mandatory) is called when a job is received by a Reply instance
    • Format: onJob(data, callback(err, result), id)


  • Current implementation is suboptimal, a new connection to Redis is open each time a job is sent. This has to be fixed before real production usage.


npm i reqrep

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