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    Access your Redux store through Recoil.

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    atomFromRedux creates a Recoil wrapper around a location in Redux. This works like any other atom.

    import { selector, useRecoilState, useRecoilValue } from 'recoil';
    import { atomFromRedux } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    const todosAtom = atomFromRedux('.todos'); // wraps state.todos
    // It's a normal atom, so it works in Recoil selectors
    const todoCountSelector = selector({
      key: 'todoCount',
      get: ({ get }) => get(todosAtom).length,
    // Inside your component, use the atoms and selectors as normal
    const [todos, setTodos] = useRecoilState(todosAtom);
    const todoCount = useRecoilValue(todoCountSelector);

    <SyncReduxToRecoil /> syncs state from Redux to Recoil. This is required.

    import { SyncReduxToRecoil } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    <Provider store={store}>
        <SyncReduxToRecoil />
        <MyApp />

    If you want to dispatch changes from Recoil back to Redux then wrap your reducer with syncChangesFromRecoil. This is only needed if you set Recoil values directly.

    import { syncChangesFromRecoil } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    // This will enable write-from-recoil
    const reducer = syncChangesFromRecoil(yourRootReducer);
    const store = createStore(reducer);
    //  Recoil atoms and writeable selectors work like normal
    const todosAtom = atomFromRedux('.todos');
    const [todos, setTodos] = useRecoilState(todosAtom);

    Do I need this?

    You probably don't need this. Redux and Recoil work fine side-by-side. You can already use values from Redux and Recoil together in a component.

    This library is useful for accessing Redux state from within a Recoil selector -- which lets you call selectors conditionally, or within loops. useSelector can't do that.

    It can also facilitate a migration from Redux to Recoil.


    Options are available to control how and whether Recoil receives updates from, and writes updates to, Redux.


    A Todo List demo shows both a read-only sync from redux and a read-write sync.

    Recoil version compatibility

    Recoil Redux-to-Recoil
    0.0.10 0.2.2
    0.0.13 0.3.1
    0.1.2-0.1.3 0.4.*
    0.2.0 0.4.*-0.5.*

    Other versions of Recoil and Redux-to-Recoil may be compatible: this table just lists the thoroughly tested pairings.


    npm i redux-to-recoil

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