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    Read and write your Redux store through Recoil.

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    atomFromRedux creates a Recoil wrapper around a location in Redux. This works like any other atom.

    import { selector, useRecoilState, useRecoilValue } from 'recoil';
    import { atomFromRedux } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    const todosAtom = atomFromRedux('.todos'); // wraps state.todos
    // Inside your component, use the atoms and selectors as normal. That's it.
    const [todos, setTodos] = useRecoilState(todosAtom);
    // Also: it's a normal Recoil atom, so it works in Recoil selectors
    const todoCountSelector = selector({
      key: 'todoCount',
      get: ({ get }) => get(todosAtom).length,
    const todoCount = useRecoilValue(todoCountSelector);

    selectorFromReselect creates a Recoil selector from a plain selector, using Reselect or any other selector library.

    import { selectorFromReselect, useRecoilValue } from 'recoil';
    const todosSelector = selectorFromReselect((state) => state.todos);
    // Inside your component, use the selector as normal. That's it.
    const [todos, setTodos] = useRecoilState(todosAtom);
    // Also: it's a normal Recoil selector, so it works in other Recoil selectors
    const todoCountSelector = selector({
      key: 'todoCount',
      get: ({ get }) => get(todosSelector).length,
    const todoCount = useRecoilValue(todoCountSelector);

    <SyncReduxToRecoil /> syncs state from Redux to Recoil. This is required.

    import { SyncReduxToRecoil } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    <Provider store={store}>
        <SyncReduxToRecoil />
        <MyApp />

    If you want to dispatch changes from Recoil back to Redux then wrap your reducer with syncChangesFromRecoil and enable the writeEnabled option. This is only needed if you set Recoil values directly.

    import { syncChangesFromRecoil } from 'redux-to-recoil';
    // This will enable write-from-recoil (when options.writeEnabled is turned on)
    const reducer = syncChangesFromRecoil(yourRootReducer);
    const store = createStore(reducer);
    //  Recoil atoms and writeable selectors work like normal
    const todosAtom = atomFromRedux('.todos');
    const [todos, setTodos] = useRecoilState(todosAtom);

    Do I need this?

    You probably don't need this. Redux and Recoil work fine side-by-side. You can already use values from Redux and Recoil together in a component.

    This library is useful for accessing Redux state from within a Recoil selector -- which lets you call selectors conditionally, or within loops. useSelector can't do that. (Dynamic-Selectors can also do that.)

    It can also facilitate a migration from Redux to Recoil.


    Options are available to control how and whether Recoil receives updates from, and writes updates to, Redux.


    A Todo List demo shows both a read-only sync from redux and a read-write sync.

    Recoil version compatibility

    Recoil Redux-to-Recoil
    0.4.0 0.6.0-0.7.x
    0.3.1 0.5.1-0.6.0
    0.2.0 0.4.1-0.5.1
    0.1.3 0.4.1
    0.1.2 0.4.1
    0.0.13 0.3.1
    0.0.10 0.2.2

    Other versions of Recoil and Redux-to-Recoil may be compatible: this table just lists the thoroughly tested pairings.


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