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    A Visual redux-saga monitor

    this is still a WIP

    How does it relate to other Redux devtools?

    This would of course endup as a browser extension (chrome, firefox). But also intended to release as a themable React Component (or many React Components, one per view) so it can be embedded in other Redux devtools (redux-devtools-extension, reactotron or directly inside a React application)


    • npm i --save-dev redux-saga-devtools

    You can see how it's used by consulting the examples. To play with you can start the 2 included demos. The F9 key toggles the dock open and closed.

    • npm run counter : cancellable counter counter example
    • npm run shopping-cart : Shopping cart example.

    Note that the monitor uses the v0.13.0 of redux-saga which includes an improved monitor api.

    Done so far

    • Structured Effect view
    • Actions/Reactions view (should redirect to Effect view instead (?))
    • JS object inspector
    • Highlight shared refs in the effect view (right now: Channels)
    • Selection management/keyboard navigation
    • Pin/Unpin Effect
    • Dockable view with resize/toggle visibility


    Following Todos that I can think of. Ordering doesn't reflect priority.

    • Hide irrelevant path in the Reactions view
    • Search/filter command
    • Clear effect log (removes all previous Effects)
    • Auto folding/Framing for long running Sagas (with a long effect list)
    • Highlight shared refs for other objects (Tasks, Actions)
    • top/bottom/left/right docking to the Dock view
    • Add raw Effect view
    • Add 'time-lined' Effect view (effects on Row, Sagas on columns, useful to debug race conditions)
    • Show origin of dispatched Actions in the Reactions view (Saga, UI Component (possible?))


    npm i redux-saga-devtools

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