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Helper to keep the Redux State in sync with the Firebase Auth State.

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When you start playing with Firebase auth, you will soon realize that when the page refreshes, you loose authentication state until the SDK kicks back in.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could tell if the Firebase SDK have finished initializing and if there's a logged in user? Well 😉


First, obviously,

$ npm install redux-fire-auth firebase redux --save

Then just initialize it:

import firebase from 'firebase';
import { applyMiddleware, createStore, combineReducers } from 'redux';
// This is us!
import createAuthEnhancer, { authReducer } from 'redux-fire-auth';
import * as yourReducers from './your-reducers.js';
// ...
// Initialize your firebase app.
const app = firebase.initializeApp({/* Firebase Configs */});
const auth = app.auth();
// Combine your reducers with ours \o/
const reducer = combineReducers({
    auth: authReducer,
// Build the middleware.
const authEnhancer = createAuthEnhancer(auth);
// Create your store.
const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(authEnhancer));
// Yup. That easy.

This enhancer will bind to Firebase's onAuthStateChanged with action creators. Whenever there's an authStateChanged event, the redux state will sync automatically.

API exports

You can listen to actions inside your own reducers by importing the action types import { AUTH_STATE_CHANGED, DONE_LOADING } from 'redux-fire-auth'. Our actions are FSA compliant.

Note: If you'd want to use something other than auth to bind the reducer to, you need to pass the key you want to use to createAuthEnhancer(authInstance, key) as the second argument.


When you call store.getState().auth you'll get an object with three properties:

isLoading: bool

True while the Firebase SDK is initializing, then always false.

hasAuth: bool

False while the Firebase SDK is initializing, then if the SDK recovers the session it's true, else it stays false.

user: Firebase.User | null

null while the Firebase SDK is initializing, then if the SDK recovers the session it's the User.toJSON() object, without the User methods provided by firebase, else it stays null.


I'm assuming you know how to work with React and React-Redux for this example 😁

import React from 'react';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
export function App({ isLoading, hasAuth, user }) {
    if (isLoading) {
     return (
         <div> Loading... </div>
    if (hasAuth) {
     return (
         <div> Hello { user.displayName } </div>
    return (
     <div> Please sign in. </div>
export default connect(({ auth }) => auth)(App);

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npm i redux-fire-auth

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