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    ⚠️💥 EXPERIMENTAL 💥⚠️

    A tiny router implementation designed specifically for Redux, as simple as a 🚲! Reactive to state changes, uses store selectors to build an URL and dispatches actions to modify the state from the URL.

    The Idea

    At Accurat we always found react-router, the de-facto standard for React applications, not to work well with the global state that is used in Redux applications.

    Its design make it difficult to implement in a later step of the kickstart of the application, and doesn't use the state forcing you to use withRouter() around the connect() of your component. This forces you to redesign a lot of your code for every small routing change, because your components are now tightly coupled to the routing solution.

    This very simple middleware uses the pre-existing state of your application to generate the URL and keeping it updated, following a very simple configuration that has a similar pattern to the familiar react-redux's connect().

    Because your components will be decoupled from everything routing-related:

    • It can be added whenever you want in the lifetime of the project.
    • The routing logic can be changed without touching any component (a new routing parameter can be added with no more than 4 lines!)
    • Plays well (or it should) with redux-saga and any other redux middleware.
    • Is completely agnostic from the URL-parsing mechanism, choose your preferred mini-lib or use a Poor Old Regex.


    npm install --save redux-bike-router


    The API is merely:

    createRoutingMiddleware({ urlConfig, subStateToUrl, urlToSegments, pageSelector })

    Creates a Redux routing middleware. The main pieces the middleware needs from you are:

    urlConfig: Object

    An Object with a selector and an action for every URL segment.

    subStateToUrl: (subState: Object) => String | Array<String>

    Takes the right pieces of State, should return an URL String or an Array of URL segments.

    urlToSegments: (url: String) => Object

    Takes the URL String, should parse it and return an Object of URL segments.

    pageSelector: (state: any) => String

    It's a normal State selector: takes the entire State, should return a String representing the current page.
    The page is used primarily for back/forward browser-navigation.
    It's useful to use applyUrlSelectors in here, to select parts of the State listed in urlConfig. (See below)

    Quick start

    import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux'
    import createRoutingMiddleware, { applyUrlSelectors } from 'redux-bike-router'
    const urlConfig = {
      taskId: {
        selector: state => state.taskId,
        action: taskId => ({ type: 'CHANGE_TASK', payload: taskId }),
    function subStateToUrl(subState) {
      const { taskId } = subState
      if (taskId === null) return '/'
      return [taskId]
    function urlToSegments(url) {
      const URL_RE = /^\/(?:(\d+)\/)?$/
      const urlMatches = url.match(URL_RE)
      if (urlMatches === null) return null
      const [taskId = null] = urlMatches.slice(1)
      return { taskId: taskId === null ? null : parseInt(taskId, 10) }
    export function pageSelector(state) {
      const { taskId } = applyUrlSelectors(state, urlConfig)
      if (taskId === null) return 'home'
      if (taskId !== null) return 'task'
    const routingMiddleware = createRoutingMiddleware({ urlConfig, pageSelector, subStateToUrl, urlToSegments })
    export const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware(routingMiddleware))

    Then use store and pageSelector in your app!

    See the example for further details.

    Used in


    1. Improve example.
    2. Batch dispatches in dispatchUrlActionsOnLocation to prevent renders in between actions, thay could cause inconsistent state. See redux-batched-actions for approaches.
    3. Check for user errors and display useful warnings. Maybe check for URL consistency for every action in development.

    Contributions, ideas, comments

    Are very welcome, please open an issue or a PR. The code is actually very simple!


    npm i redux-bike-router

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