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Redis express rate limiter

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Version requirements

  • Express 4 is needed for the new router
  • Redis 2.6.12 and above is needed to support the PX modifier on Set commands
  • A redis client to pass-in that supports multi and set commands (I recommend https://github.com/NodeRedis/node_redis)
npm install redis-express-rate-limiter --save

Simple Example:

const express = require('express') // please use version 4+
const app = express()
const client = require('redis').createClient()
const rateLimiter = require('redis-express-rate-limiter')
const limiterConfigs = {
  path: '/forgot-password',
  method: 'post',
  limitBy: 'body.email',
  // 50 requests per hour
  total: 50,
  // time is in milliseconds
  expiresIn: 1000 * 60 * 60,
  decrementAmount: (req, redisInfo) => 1,
  onRateLimited: (req, res, next) => res.sendStatus(429),
  onError: (err, req, res, next) => res.sendStatus(500),
  onPassThrough: res => res.sendStatus(200)
app.use(rateLimiter(limiterConfigs, client)) //you can also use many limiters each for a different route!
app.post('/forgot-password', (req, res) => {

API options aka limiterConfigs

  • path: String route path to the request
  • method: String http method. accepts get, post, put, delete, and of course Express' all
  • limitBy: String property(s) to call on the express request object to use for the key for rate limiting
  • total: Number allowed number of requests before getting rate limited
  • expiresIn: Number amount of time in ms before the rate-limited is reset
  • genStored: function(req) returning an Object. Each key in the object is stored as a redis key (in addition to the counter) and can be used in decrementAmount for custom logic
  • decrementAmount: function(req, redisInfo) returning a Number. Used to determine how much to decrement a user's total amount for each attempt. Allows for custom logic to reflect i.e. use a return value of 0 for a whitelist
  • onRateLimited: function(req, res, next) called when a request exceeds the configured rate limit.
  • onError: function(err, req, res, next) called when a redis error occurs.
  • onPassThrough: function(res) called when a request doesn't get rate limited.


// limit by IP address
limiterConfigs = {
  limitBy: 'connection.remoteAddress'
// or if you are behind a trusted proxy (like nginx)
limiterConfigs = {
  limitBy: 'headers.x-forwarded-for'
// limit your entire app
limiterConfigs = {
  path: '*',
  method: 'all',
  limitBy: 'connection.remoteAddress'
// whitelist all admins with a very bad admin scheme
limiterConfigs = {
  path: '/forgot-password',
  method: 'post',
  expiresIn: 1000 * 60 * 60,
  decrementAmount: (req, redisInfo) => {
    if (req.body.admin) return 0
    return 1

Special Thanks

https://github.com/ded/express-limiter and ded for inspiration and some of the initial ideas

License MIT


npm i redis-express-rate-limiter

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