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    Recron is a simple, intuitive and readable cron implementaiton written in TypeScript and suitable for Node.js and browser usage.


    • Object oriented design.
    • Support update schedule on the fly.
    • Support both crontab and interval syntax.
    • Support multi-timezone in a single cron object.
    • Tickless scheduler (will be optional in feature).
    • Compact and quite readable code base written in TypeScript.


    import { Cron } from 'recron';
    const cron = new Cron();
    // Start cron scheduler.
    // Use interval syntax.
    cron.schedule('@every 1s', () => {
      console.log('every second', new Date());
    // Use crontab syntax.
    cron.schedule('*/5 * * * * *', () => {
      console.log('at 5th second', new Date());
    // Stop cron after 10 seconds.
      '@every 10s',
      () => {
        console.log('done', new Date());
      { oneshot: true }


    The constructor of Cron takes an optional parameter as its default timezone. If the timezone parameter unspecified, the default timezone will be detected from Intl.DateTimeFormat, it will be your local timezone in general. Mean while, the last parameter of schedule() method options has an optional timezone property, which can be used to override the default timezone.

    Note: timezone only affects cron syntax and its alias, interval syntax has nothing to do with timezone.


    Unlike other cron implementations, reentrant is not allowd in recron by default for both safe and convenient. Therefore, if a handler take a lot of time to process, it will underrun. For example, given following piece of code:

    const sleep = (ms: number) => new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));
    cron.schedule('@every 1s', async () => {
      console.log('overslept', new Date());
      await sleep(3000);

    the output will be:

    overslept 2019-10-31T05:05:27.251Z
    overslept 2019-10-31T05:05:30.253Z
    overslept 2019-10-31T05:05:34.254Z
    overslept 2019-10-31T05:05:37.263Z
    overslept 2019-10-31T05:05:40.275Z

    To disable this feature, set reentrant to true in options. But be careful, if the providered handler always underrun, due to a lot of unresolved promises, the memory consumption will keep increasing, and eventually you program will run OOM.

    Crontab Alias

    recron has following crontab aliases:

    Alias Crontab
    @hourly 0 * * * *
    @daily 0 0 * * *
    @weekly 0 0 * * 1
    @monthly 0 0 1 * *

    Note: we use Monday as the first day of the week according to international standard ISO 8601. So @weekly means "at 00:00 on Monday", not Sunday.

    Interval Syntax

    Interval syntax has following specifiers:

    Order Specifier Unit
    1 h hour
    2 m minute
    3 s second
    4 ms Millisecond

    One ore more specifiers can be used, as long as they are arranged in ascending order:

    • @every 10s
    • @every 30m
    • @every 1h30m


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