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You know. That 300ms tap delay. This problem has been around for quite a while and there are various solutions to the problem such as fastclick and react-tap-event-plugin.

tapOrClick is the simplest solution to the problem: it triggers a given callback when onTouchEnd is triggered, or onClick if there are no touch events. This probably covers all use cases where you simply want an immediate click.

In addition tapOrClick hides the complexity of the issue so you don't need to think about what kind of hellish wizardry needs to be done just to get an immediate click! tapOrClick is scrolling aware and does not trigger clicks when scrolling. Also, ghost clicks are busted.

This utility has been designed to be easy to use with React, but you can use it elsewhere; it just might not be as convenient as with React. If you wish to have easier support for your use case then please open a new issue and we'll see what can be done!


react-tap-or-click is only usable as npm module. Thus: npm i react-tap-or-click

Babel and JSX

import React from 'react'
import tapOrClick from 'react-tap-or-click'
const YourComponent = React.createClass({
    handleClick(event) {
    render() {
        return <div {...tapOrClick(this.handleClick)}>
            My Component
export default YourComponent


'use strict'
var React = require('react')
var tapOrClick = require('react-tap-or-click')
var YourComponent = React.createClass({
    handleClick: function(event) {
    render: function() {
        var props = {
            style: {
                backgroundColor: '#EEE'
        // you can pass props as second argument to extend that props object
        return React.DOM.div(
            tapOrClick(this.handleClick, props),
            'My Component'
module.exports = YourComponent


  1. Because about 4 kB of non-minified code (2.3 kB minified) should be enough to solve this problem.
  2. fastclick causes nasty side effects and hard-to-understand bugs when used with React.
  3. react-tap-event-plugin contains a lot of code, may require you to build your own minified React bundle and you have to define two handlers for the same thing (onTapEvent and onClick).


  • react-tap-or-click always respects event.preventDefault().
  • Any existing onTouchStart, onTouchEnd or onClick will be overwritten.
  • Up to 10000 callbacks are cached at once. Cache is flushed if going over limit. You may have a design flaw if you hit this size on a regular page. This is warned about with a normal console.log.
  • The code could be more compact if it had less abstractions; the current code ought to be readable enough so you can understand it, too!


npm i react-tap-or-click

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