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    Redux Simple Autocomplete

    Simple, customizable, unopinionated autocomplete wrapper for React.



    $ npm install --save react-simple-autocomplete


    <!-- <SimpleAutocomplete /> -->
    <script src="//npmcdn.com/react-simple-autocomplete"></script>



    What does this library try to solve?

    Autocomplete fields are very common but can be a pain to write. When looking around, all the available autocomplete fields were either incomplete, or very opinionated. I wanted a reusable component to provide me the basic functionality but could be taylored to any use case.

    Basic output


    <Autocomplete items={['one''two']} />

    Output with menu closed:

      <input type="text" />

    Output with menu open & first item highlighted:

      <input type="text" />


    <Autocomplete />


    <Autocomplete /> can accept a single element as a child. This element can contain nested elements, however the top level element must respond to #value. Any refs applied to the top level child will be overridden, however it can be accessed via #input. Defaults to: <input type="text" />

    NOTE: Currently, onMouseDown, onMouseEnter, and onClick are overwritten on the top level child element. This should be fixed shortly. onChange, however, is free to be used!



    Opens the menu


    Closes the menu


    Retrieve the top level child


    Retrieve the items that are currently available as options


    items: [Any]

    The items prop is an array the different possible matches. It can be an array of any type, however only strings are supported by the default filter prop.

    filter: (item: Any, query: String) -> Boolean

    Filter function to decide which items are possible choices. Called on each item individually and is passed the current item & the value of the input field. Defaults to:

    (item, query) => item.toLowerCase().includes(query.toLowerCase())

    sort: (a: Any, b: Any) -> Number

    Sort function to be called on the remaining items after the filter function. Defaults to no sort (() => {}).

    Can also pass undefined, null, or false to use the default Array.sort() method.

    limit: Number

    Limit your results to a specific number. Defaults to undefined.

    renderMenu: ({items: [Any]}) -> Element

    Function used to render the menu. Gives you full control to style your menu, use whichever elements you want, nest the items, group the items, etc, etc. Items are passed as named parameters to support stateless functional components. Defaults to:

    ({items}) => <ul>{items}</ul>

    renderItem: ({item: Any, highlighted: Boolean}) -> Element

    Function used to render each individual item. Gives you full control to style your item, apply conditional logic if the item is highlighted, and mutate the items display value. Items are passed as named parameters to support stateless functional components. Defaults to:

    ({item, highlighted}) => highlighted
      ? <em><li>{items}</li></em>
      : <li>{items}</li>

    onSelectItem: ({item: Any, event: React.SyntheticEvent}) -> Any

    Callback called when an item is selected (either onClick, or onKeyDown: Enter when an element is highlighted).

    By default Autocomplete will update the input value onClick. If you provide a onSelectItem handler, you must return a truthy value to keep this behavior. If you return undefined or any other falsey value it will stop the default event handler.

    onFocus: ({event: React.SyntheticEvent}) -> Any

    Menu is opened when input element is focused prior to the onFocus handler being invoked.

    onBlur: ({event: React.SyntheticEvent}) -> Any

    Menu is closed when the input element is blurred prior to the onBlur handler being invoked.

    NOTE: This is not called when an item is selected from the menu.


    Tests are run with mocha, and written in chai & sinon. Any test related code is located alonside project files nested under a __tests__ directory. Files containing tests to be run should be postfixed with -tests.js.


    npm i react-simple-autocomplete

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