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React Router Active Component

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A factory function for creating React components which get a special className when a specified React Router route is active, and can also handle creating a link to the route.

The primary use case for this module is making it convenient to create components which contain a link to a route but put the active class name on the container rather than the link:

Using React Router's Link component:

<ul>                                      <ul>
  <li>                                      <li>
    <Link to="/route"                 =>      <a href="/route" class="active">
          activeClassName="active">             Link Text
      Link Text

Using the activeComponent() factory function:

var NavLink = activeComponent('li')
<ul>                           <ul>
  <NavLink to="/route">   =>     <li class="active">
    Link Text                      <a href="/route">
                                     Link Text

Live Demo (source)

The demo shows:

  • A NavLink component which creates a navigation <li> (including its <a>) which gets an "active" class, as required by Bootstrap's CSS.

    var NavLink = activeComponent('li')
  • An ActivePara component which creates a <p> which only gets a "special" class for a specific route.

    var ActivePara = activeComponent('p', {link: false})
    <ActivePara to="/path/to" activeClassName="special">...</ActivePara>


npm install react-router-active-component
import activeComponent from 'react-router-active-component'
// or
var activeComponent = require('react-router-active-component')

### API

#### `activeComponent(component[, options])`

Creates a `ReactComponent` which takes the same props as React Router's [Link](https://github.com/reactjs/react-router/blob/master/docs/API.md#link) component to configure when it is considered active and which class it will be given when active.

The component's contents will be wrapped in the given tag name or component - by default, its children will be used as contents for a `<Link/>`.

##### `component`: `String` | `ReactComponent`

This can be anything that can be passed as the first argument to [`React.createElement()`](http://facebook.github.io/react/docs/top-level-api.html#react.createelement) - a tag name string or a `ReactComponent` which will be used to wrap the component's children.

var NavItem = activeComponent('li')

If a custom React component is given, the following additional props will be passed to it when rendering:

* `active`: `Boolean` - `true` if the specified route is active, `false` otherwise.
* `className`: `String` - contains any `className` passed to the component plus its `activeClassName`, if active.
* `style`: `Object` - the `activeStyle` object passed to the component, if active.

##### `options`: `Object`

An options object with the following properties:

###### `link`: `Boolean` (default: `true`)

If `true`, the component's `props` and `children` be used to create a `<Link/>`. Otherwise, its `children` will just be wrapped in the specified `component`.

var ActiveParagraph = activeComponent('p', {link: false})

###### `linkClassName` : `String`

A default `className` for the nested `<Link/>`.

#### Component Props

The component created by `activeComponent()` takes the same props as React Router's `Link` component. See the React Router [1.x Link API](https://github.com/rackt/react-router/blob/v1.0.3/docs/API.md#link) or [2.x Link API](https://github.com/rackt/react-router/blob/v2.0.0-rc4/docs/API.md#link) docs for details.

One difference is that `activeClassName` will default to `active` if not provided, since determining if a component is active is the whole point of using `activeComponent()`!

Use the `onlyActiveOnIndex` boolean prop to control when a component is considered active when its URL path matches part of a deeper path - for example, if you have a "Home" navigation link which you only want to display as active when the current path is `'/'`, you should use this prop:

<NavLink to="/" onlyActiveOnIndex>Home</NavLink>
<NavLink to="/tasks">Tasks</NavLink>

Pass a `linkProps` object to provide additional props when rendering a nested `<Link/>`:

<NavLink to="/special" linkProps={{className: 'special', onClick: this.handleSpecial}}>
  Special Link

### MIT Licensed

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