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    A color picker on 3 gradient image HSV palette slider.


    For RN >= 0.60

    npm i --save react-native-slider-color-picker react-native-gesture-handler

    For RN < 0.60

    npm i --save react-native-slider-color-picker@2.1.x react-native-gesture-handler@1.2.2

    And be aware of https://github.com/software-mansion/react-native-gesture-handler/issues/1164 if you use react-native-web and want to slide on web.


    import React from 'react';
    import {
    } from 'react-native-slider-color-picker';
    import {
    } from 'react-native';
    import tinycolor from 'tinycolor2';
    const {
    } = Dimensions.get('window');
    export default class SliderColorPickerExample extends React.Component {
        constructor(props) {
            this.state = {
                oldColor: "#FF7700",
        changeColor = (colorHsvOrRgb, resType) => {
            if (resType === 'end') {
                    oldColor: tinycolor(colorHsvOrRgb).toHexString(),
        render() {
            const {
            } = this.state;
            return (
                <View style={styles.container}>
                    <View style={{marginHorizontal: 24, marginTop: 20, height: 12, width: width - 48}}>
                            ref={view => {this.sliderHuePicker = view;}}
                            trackStyle={[{height: 12, width: width - 48}]}
                    <View style={{marginHorizontal: 24, marginTop: 20, height: 12, width: width - 48}}>
                            ref={view => {this.sliderSaturationPicker = view;}}
                            trackStyle={[{height: 12, width: width - 48}]}
                            style={{height: 12, borderRadius: 6, backgroundColor: tinycolor({h: tinycolor(oldColor).toHsv().h, s: 1, v: 1}).toHexString()}}
                    <View style={{marginHorizontal: 24, marginTop: 20, height: 12, width: width - 48}}>
                            ref={view => {this.sliderValuePicker = view;}}
                            trackStyle={[{height: 12, width: width - 48}]}
                            style={{height: 12, borderRadius: 6, backgroundColor: 'black'}}
    const styles = StyleSheet.create({
        container: {
            flex: 1,
            alignItems: "center",
        thumb: {
            width: 20,
            height: 20,
            borderColor: 'white',
            borderWidth: 1,
            borderRadius: 10,
            shadowColor: 'black',
            shadowOffset: {
                width: 0,
                height: 2
            shadowRadius: 2,
            shadowOpacity: 0.35,

    <SliderValuePicker/> won't use trackImage by default, you can ref to trackImage={require('react-native-slider-color-picker/brightness_mask.png')} described above.


    Prop Type Optional Default Description
    oldColor Color string Yes undefined Initial value of the slider
    minimumValue number Yes 0(h) or 0.01(s, v) Initial minimum value of the slider
    maximumValue number Yes 359(h) or 1(s, v) Initial maximum value of the slider
    step number Yes 1(h) or 0.01(s, v) Step value of the slider. The value should be between 0 and maximumValue - minimumValue)
    minimumTrackTintColor string Yes '#3f3f3f' The color used for the v track to the left of the button
    maximumTrackTintColor string Yes '#b3b3b3' The color used for the v track to the right of the button
    moveVelocityThreshold number Yes 2000 Prevent onColorChange if the dragging movement speed is over the moveVelocityThreshold
    onColorChange function Yes Callback continuously called while the user is dragging the slider and the dragging movement speed is below the moveVelocityThreshold. The 1st argument is color in HSV representation (see below). There is 2nd string argument 'end' when the slider is released
    style style Yes The style applied to the slider container
    trackStyle style Yes The style applied to the track
    trackImage source Yes rainbow_slider.png(h) or saturation_mask.png(s) Sets an image for the track.
    thumbStyle style Yes The style applied to the thumb
    useNativeDriver bool Yes false The useNativeDriver parameter in Animated used by react-native-gesture-handler when the user change the value. Default value is false, because some Android phone PanGestureHandler causes Animated Value to jump when using native driver

    HSV color representation is an object literal with properties:

      h: number, // <0, 360>
      s: number, // <0, 1>
      v: number, // <0, 1>


    Alipay: flyskywhy@gmail.com

    ETH: 0xd02fa2738dcbba988904b5a9ef123f7a957dbb3e


    npm i react-native-slider-color-picker

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