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React Native NearIT SDK

The official NearIT SDK plugin for React Native

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NearIT allows to engage app users by sending context-aware targeted content.


NearIT allows to manage apps by defining "recipes". Those are simple rules made of 3 ingredients:

  • WHO: define the target users
  • WHAT: define what action NearIT should do
  • TRIGGER: define when the action should be triggered

How it works

NearIT web interface allows you to configure all the features quickly. Once the settings are configured, everyone - even people without technical skills - can manage context-aware mobile content.

NearIT SDK synchronizes with servers and behaves accordingly to the settings and the recipes. Any content will be delivered at the right time, you just need to handle its presentation.


Minimum Requirements:

  • React Native: 0.45.0+
  • Android Min SDK: 16
  • iOS Min Platform: iOS 9

To start using the SDK, add this plugin to your React Native project

$ yarn add react-native-nearit

and link it

$ react-native link react-native-nearit

Integration guide

For information on how to integrate all NearIT features in your app, visit the documentation website

Sample Integration

A sample ReactNative app integrating react-native-nearit SDK is available at panz3r/nearit-react-native-sample-app

Made with ✨ & ❤️ by Mattia Panzeri and contributors


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