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    What this service do?

    It is a library for react-native android only, specifically designed to make things easier for people who are looking for a service that always kept on running regardless of an app running in front or background. This service will run the application is foreground with a notification (To run a foreground service you have to have a notification ) that will run a headless task, which runs your javascript function after an interval of time as well as just one time. The possibilities are countless of how you can use this service, for the one you can use this to make a tracker app.

    This service is not fully created by me it is the result of a mixture of many different sources and articles.

    I modified this for my personal use.

    Medium Article Voximplant react-native-push-notification react-native-foreground-service (modified this repository))


    Step 1

    yarn add @supersami/react-native-foreground-service

    Step 2

    Add Permissions for foreground service as well as for wake lock by adding these 2 lines in your android manifest.

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.FOREGROUND_SERVICE"/> 
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WAKE_LOCK" />

    Step 3

    Register Service in your manifest inside application.

    <meta-data android:name="com.supersami.foregroundservice.notification_channel_name" android:value="supersami Service"/> 
    <meta-data android:name="com.supersami.foregroundservice.notification_channel_description" android:value="supersami Service."/> 
    <meta-data android:name="com.supersami.foregroundservice.notification_color" android:resource="@color/orange"/>
    <service android:name="com.supersami.foregroundservice.ForegroundService"></service>
    <service android:name="com.supersami.foregroundservice.ForegroundServiceTask"></service>

    Go to your Android -> App -> src -> main - res looks for the values-color.xml, If not exist Create one. and then add this, otherwise, just add the orange color and integer array

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <item  name="orange"  type="color">#FF4500
    <integer-array  name="androidcolors">

    Step 4

    go to your main Activity and declare a variable

        public  boolean  isOnNewIntent = false;

    and you need to override two methods of MainActivity.

    Make sure you override onNewIntent First and then OnStart.

    • onNewIntent
        public  void  onNewIntent(Intent  intent) {
            isOnNewIntent = true;
    • onStart
        protected  void  onStart() {
            if(isOnNewIntent == true){}else {

    and in last our main Function - ForegroundEmitter

     public void ForegroundEmitter(Intent intent){
        // this method is to send back data from java to javascript so one can easily 
        // know which button from notification or from the notification btn is clicked
        String main = intent.getStringExtra("mainOnPress");
        String btn = intent.getStringExtra("buttonOnPress");
        WritableMap  map = Arguments.createMap();
        if (main != null) {
            // Log.d("SuperLog A", main);
            map.putString("main", main);
        if (btn != null) {
            // Log.d("SuperLog B", btn);
            map.putString("button", btn);
        try {
            .emit("notificationClickHandle", map);  	
        } catch (Exception  e) {	
        Log.e("SuperLog", "Caught Exception: " + e.getMessage());

    and then in your Js file in your root which is index file you need to add this like

    import ForegroundService from '@supersami/react-native-foreground-service';
        let foregroundTask = async (data) => {
        console.log("I am here",data)
        await myTask();
    const myTask = () => {
        let i = 0
    ForegroundService.registerForegroundTask("myTaskName", foregroundTask);


    It's Easy to use the Foreground Service now.

    To Start The Service

    let obj = { routeName : "mainActivity", routeParams : {data:""} }
    let obj1  = { routeName : "mainActivity 1", routeParams : {data:""} }
    let notificationConfig = {
      id: 434,
      title: 'SuperService',
      message: `I hope you are doing your `,
      vibration: false,
      visibility: 'public',
      icon: 'ic_launcher',
      importance: 'max',
      number: String(1),
      button: false,
      buttonText: 'Checking why are you repeating your self',
      buttonOnPress :    JSON.stringify(obj),
      mainOnPress :    JSON.stringify(obj1)
    // Above is the notification config 
    const start = async check => {
      await ForegroundService.startService(notificationConfig);
      await ForegroundService.runTask({
        taskName: 'myTaskName',
        delay: 0,
        loopDelay : 5000,
        onLoop: true,
    //start with
    // stop with 
    await  ForegroundService.stopService()
    // Receiving Clicks in the App so you can do what ever like redirecting to any 
    // route with any specific data.
     useEffect(() => {
        let subscip = DeviceEventEmitter.addListener(
          function (e: Event) {
            console.log('json', e);
        return function cleanup() {
      }, []);

    there are multiple functions in the package which are as follow

    • startService
    • updateNotification
    • cancelNotification
    • stopService
    • stopServiceAll
    • isRunning


    Start foreground service Multiple calls won't start multiple instances of the service but will increase its internal counter so calls to stop won't stop until it reaches 0. Note: notification config can't be re-used (becomes immutable)


    Updates a notification of a running service. Make sure to use the same ID or it will rigger a separate notification. Note: this method might fail if called right after starting the service since the service might not be yet ready. If service is not running, it will be started automatically like calling startService.


    Cancels/dismisses a notification given its id. Useful if the service used more than one notification


    Stop foreground service. Note: Pending tasks might still complete. If startService will be called multiple times, this needs to be called many times.


    Stop foreground service. Note: Pending tasks might still complete. This will stop the service regardless of how many times start was called


    Returns an integer indicating if the service is running or not. The integer represents the internal counter of how many startService calls were done without calling stopService

    Notification Config

    (*) represent required

    Parameter what they do
    *id An Id of a unique notification, this id can be used to latter cancel the notification from function describe above
    *title title of the notification
    *message Description of the notification
    vibration Boolean
    visibility private - public - secret
    largeicon Large icon name - ic_launcher
    icon Small icon name - ic_notification
    *importance Importance (and priority for older devices) of this notification. This might affect notification sound One of: * none - IMPORTANCE_NONE (by default), * min - IMPORTANCE_MIN, * low - IMPORTANCE_LOW, * default - IMPORTANCE_DEFAULT * high - IMPORTANCE_HIGH, * max - IMPORTANCE_MAX
    *number int specified as string > 0, for devices that support it, this might be used to set the badge counter
    *button Button visibility, Either True or False
    buttonText Button Text
    buttonOnPress Stringify Json that latter can be converted into JSON after triggering from a button and can be processed, look at the above example
    *mainOnPress Stringify Json that latter can be converted into JSON after triggering from a button and can be processed, look at the above example


    npm i react-native-foreground-service

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