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React Native component to generate barcodes. Uses JsBarcode for encoding of data.

Getting started

Step 1

Link React ART; open the Xcode project, and drag ART.xcodeproj from node_modules/react-native/Libraries/ART/ into the Libraries group in Xcode. Then select the root project and select "Build Phases" from the center view. There will be a section called "Link Binary With Libraries", expand it, press the + and select libART.a.

Step 2

Install react-native-barcode-builder:

npm install react-native-barcode-builder --save

Step 3

Start using the component

import Barcode from "react-native-barcode-builder";
<Barcode value="Hello World" format="CODE128" />;

You can find more info about the supported barcodes in the JsBarcode README.


Property Description
value What the barcode stands for (required).
format Which barcode type to use (default: CODE128).
width Width of a single bar (default: 2)
height Height of the barcode (default: 100)
text Override text that is displayed.
lineColor Color of the bars and text (default: #000000)
background Background color of the barcode (default: #ffffff)
onError Handler for invalid barcode of selected format


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