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    Animated Code Input

    A FORK OF to allow alphanumber inputs


    Animated code input component for React Native, with support for iOS, Android, and React Native Web. It works with one-time password autofill on iOS and Android.

    This component is fully customizable. You can change the appearance of the fields, cursor and animation timing. It presents code in separate input fields without losing support for filling out one time passwords from messages.

    Two-factor authentication, for a good reason, is part of more and more applications. Many times the screen where the user has to enter the code is one of the first screens they will see in your app. As you know, users are fast to judge your app quality by the UI. Why not give them a sweet looking eye candy, where your app can stand out from the others? That's why we are sharing with you our Animated Code Input Field.

    Support: RN >=0.59.0


    A small demo showing the animations and an automatic fill in of one-time passwords. On Android the user must tap the Copy button in the notification popup.

    Android iOS
    react-native-animated-code-input android demo react-native-animated-code-input ios demo
    react-native-animated-code-input android sms autofill demo react-native-animated-code-input ios autofill demo

    Getting started


    Install the package with npm.

    npm install @brainsbeards/react-native-animated-code-input

    or with yarn

    yarn add @brainsbeards/react-native-animated-code-input

    Run example

     cd example
     yarn install
     cd ios
     pod install
     cd ..
     yarn react-native run-ios

    Simple Example

    import React, { FC, useRef, useState, useCallback } from "react";
    import { TextInput, View, StyleSheet } from "react-native";
    import AnimatedCodeInput from "@brainsbeards/react-native-animated-code-input";
    const App: FC = () => {
      const [code, setCode] = useState<string>("");
      const onChangeText = useCallback((text: string) => {
      }, []);
      const onSubmit = useCallback((codeValue: string) => {
          [{ text: "OK", onPress: () => setCode("") }],
          { cancelable: false }
      }, []);
      return (
          <View style={styles.container}>
    const styles = StyleSheet.create({
      container: {
        flex: 1,
        justifyContent: "center",


    Properties for this component:

    Prop Type Default Description
    onSubmitCode (Required) function Callback function called when every input field has a value. You will receive code value passed in as parameter
    value (Required) string '' It is the value displayed by the input. Use the app state to update it on every key press. This is similar to how React Native TextInput works. Please refer to example if you need more guidance.
    onChangeText (Required) function Callback that is called when the text input's text changes.
    numberOfInputs number 1 Number of code inputs
    onBlur function Callback that is called when the text input loses focus.
    afterInputDelay number 50 Delay after which an input will be registered and fade in animation will start.
    cursorAnimationDuration number 500 Cursor animation duration
    codeAnimationDuration number 300 Code fade in animation duration
    index number 0 Active code input field
    codeContainerStyle style object {} Custom input style
    activeCodeContainerStyle style object {} Custom active input style
    cursorStyle style object {} Custom cursor style
    textColor string black Input text color
    autoFocus boolean true Set to false if you want the user to press on the code input first before it starts register.
    textContentType string 'oneTimeCode' Give the keyboard and the system information about the expected semantic meaning for the entered content. Leave it set to oneTimeCode if you want iOS to auto fill it from SMS.

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    Backdrop for the screenshot is an amazing photo by Johannes Plenio.


    Component source inspired by react-native-input-code by sfjwr


    npm i react-native-animated-code-input-text

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