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    React hyper modal

    Fully customizable and accessible modal react component

    Welcome to the react hyper modal repository 😄 I want to introduce you to an awesome react component for displaying modal windows

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    Live demo

    Check also the new stackable content feature!

    Table of contents


    You can use npm or yarn package managers
    $ npm i --save react-hyper-modal


    $ yarn add react-hyper-modal


    Controlled modal component

    import React from 'react';
    import HyperModal from 'react-hyper-modal';
    class MyComponent extends React.Component {
      constructor(props) {
        this.state = {
          isModalOpen: false,
      openModal => this.setState({ isModalOpen: true });
      closeModal => this.setState({ isModalOpen: false });
      render() {
        const { isModalOpen } = this.state;
        return (
            Your awesome modal content

    Uncontrolled modal component

    import React from 'react';
    import HyperModal from 'react-hyper-modal';
    const MyComponent = () => {
      return (
          renderOpenButton={(requestOpen) => {
            return (
              <button onClick={requestOpen}>Open uncontrolled modal</button>

    Stackable content example

    To use stackable content you should use ModalStack component and children as function. Every child of ModalStack will represent a different layout.

    import React from 'react';
    import HyperModal, { ModalStack, ModalStackProps } from 'react-hyper-modal';
    const Component = () => {
      const [index, setIndex] = React.useState(0)
      return (
          renderOpenButton={requestOpen => (
            <button type="button" className={styles.button} onClick={requestOpen}>Open stackable modal</button>
          {(props: ModalStackProps) => (
            <ModalStack {...props}> // !!! It's very important to provide props to ModalStack
              <div style={{ color: 'red' }}>
                <button onClick={() => setIndex(1)}>open nested</button>
                <button onClick={() => props.handleClose()}>close</button>
                <button onClick={() => setIndex(2)}>open nested</button>
                <button onClick={() => setIndex(0)}>close nested</button>
                <button onClick={() => setIndex(1)}>close nested</button>
                <button onClick={() => props.handleClose()}>close</button>

    That's it! 🍰✨


    You can find props types and default props below the table.

    * - required for controlled modal component
    Props Description
    afterClose callback that is called after closing
    ariaEnabled enable ARIA properties
    ariaProps custom ARIA properties
    beforeClose callback that is called before closing
    childrenMode describing if the modal content should be rendered as React Children
    classes overriding default modal class names
    closeDebounceTimeout time to close modal
    closeIconPosition position of close button
    closeOnCloseIconClick close the modal by pressing close button
    closeOnDimmerClick close the modal by pressing on dimmer
    closeOnEscClick close the modal by pressing ESC
    dimmerEnabled describing if the dimmer should be shown or not
    isFullscreen describing if the modal should be shown in full screen or not
    isOpen * describing if the modal should be shown or not
    modalContentRef reference to the modal content div
    modalWrapperRef reference to the modal wrapper div
    portalMode describing if the modal should be rendered in React Portal or not
    portalNode HTML node to create React Portal
    position setting the modal position
    renderCloseIcon callback for rendering custom close button
    renderContent callback for rendering custom modal content
    renderOpenButton callback or boolean describing if the modal should be uncontrolled component
    requestClose * callback to close the modal
    stackable make content stackable
    stackableIndex stack length
    stackContentSettings stackable content settings
    unmountOnClose describing if the modal should be unmounted when close

    Default properties

      ariaEnabled: true,
      ariaProps: {
        'aria-describedby': 'hyper-modal-description',
        'aria-labelledby': 'hyper-modal-title',
        role: 'dialog',
      disableScroll: true,
      childrenMode: true,
      closeDebounceTimeout: 0,
      closeIconPosition: {
        vertical: 'top' as const,
        horizontal: 'rightas const,
      closeOnCloseIconClick: true,
      closeOnDimmerClick: true,
      closeOnEscClick: true,
      dimmerEnabled: true,
      isFullscreen: false,
      portalMode: false,
      position: {
        alignItems: 'centeras const,
        justifyContent: 'centeras const,
      stackable: false,
      stackableIndex: 0,
      stackContentSettings: {
        widthRatio: 4,
        topOffsetRatio: 2,
        transition: 'all 0.3s ease',
        opacityRatio: 0.2,


    type TModalPosition = 'flex-start' | 'center' | 'flex-end';
    type THorizontalPosition = 'left' | 'center' | 'right';
    type TVerticalPosition = 'top' | 'middle' | 'bottom';
    interface IClassNamesProps {
      closeIconClassName?: string;
      contentClassName?: string;
      dimmerClassName?: string;
      portalWrapperClassName?: string;
      wrapperClassName?: string;
    interface IARIAProps {
      'aria-describedby'?: string;
      'aria-labelledby'?: string;
      role?: string;
    interface IPositionProps {
      alignItems?: TModalPosition;
      justifyContent?: TModalPosition;
    interface ICloseIconPosition {
      horizontal?: THorizontalPosition;
      vertical?: TVerticalPosition;
    interface IModalProps {
      afterClose?: () => void;
      ariaEnabled?: boolean;
      ariaProps?: IARIAProps;
      beforeClose?: () => void;
      childrenMode?: boolean;
      classes?: IClassNamesProps;
      closeDebounceTimeout?: number;
      closeIconPosition?: ICloseIconPosition;
      closeOnCloseIconClick?: boolean;
      closeOnDimmerClick?: boolean;
      closeOnEscClick?: boolean;
      dimmerEnabled?: boolean;
      isFullscreen?: boolean;
      isOpen: boolean;
      modalContentRef?: React.RefObject<HTMLDivElement>;
      modalWrapperRef?: React.RefObject<HTMLDivElement>;
      portalMode?: boolean;
      portalNode?: HTMLElement;
      position?: IPositionProps;
      renderCloseIcon?: () => JSX.Element | null | string;
      renderContent?: () => JSX.Element | JSX.Element[] | null | string;
      renderOpenButton?: boolean | ((requestOpen: () => void) => JSX.Element | string);
      requestClose: () => void;
      unmountOnClose?: boolean;


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

    Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.




    npm i react-hyper-modal

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