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React Date Picker

A simple and reusable datepicker component for React (Demo)

This is a fork of the original react-datepicker. The differences are as follows:

  • Supports React 0.12
  • Fixed the following issue: Changing locale doesn't work
  • Added a new node server.js to serve the example folder
  • Removed hardcoded weekdays
  • Added Proptypes
  • Made it work with IE9-IE11


  • Change date format by passing a different date format in the props: dateFormat: "YYYY/MM/DD"
  • Add placeholder text: placeholderText: 'Click to select a date' (Defaults to the selected date when no placeholder text is added)
  • Give users a predefined date range: minDate: moment() & maxDate: moment().add(5, 'days') (this gives users the ability to select a date between today and 5 days in the future)
  • Set date format for calendar: dateFormatCalendar: "YYYY/MM/DD"


  • Install with npm: npm install react-datepicker-compat --save

Local Development

  • Install packages:
    • npm install
  • Run grunt watch in order to watch for local changes and run tests/build the code.
  • Start a node webserver:
    • $ node example/server.js
  • Visit localhost:8000 to access the example.

To run tests, simply run npm test.


Copyright (c) 2014 HackerOne Inc. and individual contributors. Licensed under MIT license, see LICENSE for the full license. Changes in this fork (c) 2015 Sven A Robbestad. Licensed under MIT license


npm i react-datepicker-compat

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