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    Starter project for released React components

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    This is a template for releasing React components. It contains configuration for testing, building, and setting up an example page.

    Getting started

    Download this repository into yours, and replace all mentions of react-component-starter and react-cs with the name of your npm package.

    Place your component source files in src/, and make sure that the main component file is called index.js.


    Tests can be added as necessary to the test/ directory, there is an example one provided already.

    Everything is configured already to send coverage reports to codacy and coveralls, so all you need is to go to their website and add the repository.

    For codacy you'll need to add the CODACY_PROJECT_TOKEN env variable to your .travis.yml file:

    $ travis encrypt CODACY_PROJECT_TOKEN={token here} --add


    All the build steps have been set into the following:

    $ npm run build

    This will run the source through Babel, remove flow types (and generate the appropriate .flow.js files) and place everything in the dist folder. It will also minify your index.js file for disting.

    If you have multiple files you want minified you'll have to change the build:minify script in your package.json file.

    Example page

    One of the biggest time saving features (for me at least) is a pre-configured example page. Just place anything you want in example/app and it will be built using create-react-app.

    To deploy that to gh-pages simply run npm run deploy (this will build your example app first as well).


    npm i react-cs

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