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RAML Sanitize

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Strict sanitization of RAML 0.8 named parameters and RAML 1.0 built-in types.


This module sanitizes values using the RAML parameter syntax. You should use this if you need to convert any request parameters (usually strings) into the corresponding JavaScript types. For example, form request bodies, query parameters and headers all have no concept of types. After running sanitization, you can use raml-validate to validate the strict values.


npm install raml-sanitize --save


The module exports a function that needs to be invoked to get a sanitization instance.

var sanitize = require('raml-sanitize')();
var user = sanitize({
  username: {
    type: 'string'
  password: {
    type: 'string'
  birthday: {
    type: 'date',
    default: new Date()
  username: 'blakeembrey',
  password: 'hunter2'
// => { username: 'blakeembrey', password: 'hunter2', birthday: new Date() }

Module does not currently support wild-card parameters (RAML 0.8) and regular expression patterns in property declaration (RAML 1.0)

Type sanitization

The module comes with built-in type sanitization of string, number, integer, array, object, date and boolean. To add a new type sanitization, add a new property with the corresponding name to the sanitize.TYPES object.

Rule sanitization

The module can be extended with rule sanitization by adding properties to the sanitize.RULES object. A few core rules are implemented by default and can not be overriden - repeat, default and type.

Empty values

Empty values are automatically allowed to pass through sanitization. The only values considered to be empty are undefined and null.

Default values

When the value is empty and a default value has been provided, it will return the default value instead.

Repeated values (RAML 0.8)

When the repeat flag is set to true, the return value will be an array. If the value is not an array, it will be wrapped in an array. If the value is empty, an empty array will be returned.


Limitations with types (RAML 1.0)

The module does not support neither Type Expressions nor Union Type.

Invalid Sanitization

If a sanitization is invalid, the original value will be returned instead.


Only false, 0, "false", "0" and "" will return false. Everything else is considered true.


Apache 2.0


npm i raml-sanitize

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