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    QlikView Extension - Better Current Selections Box (Hiding/Translating Fields)

    Better Current Selections Box is an advanced selection box for QlikView with the ability to hide and translate fields and to select different icons.

    Purpose and Description

    • Did you ever want to translate fields in the Current SelectionBox in QlikView?
    • Did you ever want to hide fields beyond those with the prefix defined in SET HidePrefix = '%'; in your Current SelectionBox?
    • Did you ever want to display different icons than the out of the box icons?
    • etc.

    You have probably realized that these requirements are not that easy to meet. So enough reasons for creating this solution.

    Download & Info


    • Translating Fields
    • Hiding Fields Based on a Prefix
    • Hiding Fields Based on a Given Field Name
    • Defining Icons
    • Translating all Properties of the Current Selections Box

    Icon Styles

    You can modify the appearance of the icons shown in the Better Current Selections Box using the Icon Style property (see below):

    Installation & Configuration

    1. Download the extension
    2. Install the extension on your local computer (doubleclick on the .qar file)
    3. Drag'n'Drop the extension within QlikView Desktop (using WebView)
    4. Set the desired properties
    5. Finally deploy the extension to your server (-> detailed instruction)

    Configuration / Property Dialog

    Release History

    See Changes.md


    Contributing to this project is welcome. The process to do so is outlined below:

    1. Create a fork of the project
    2. Work on whatever bug or feature you wish
    3. Create a pull request (PR)

    I cannot guarantee that I will merge all PRs but I will evaluate them all.


    See License.md


    Stefan Walther


    npm i qvbettercurrentselectionsbox

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