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First of all I want to thank to Loïc Formont for his Qlik Script Log Parser! Amazing work!

PEG.js parser for Qlik script

WIP. Most likely will be in this state for a long time. Contributions are more than welcome!

The idea behind this is to create JS parser that can parse Qlik script files/strings and produce a list of the script elements, using PEG.js

The produced parser can be used as a base for building additional tools. Like:

  • offline check the script for syntax errors - no need to open connection to the engine upload the script to an app and ask the engine to check for errors
  • highlighters - build highlighter for text editors (such as CodeMirror)
  • Qlik script formatter - the provided Qlik script can be formatted. Unify the look of Qlik scripts

Roadmap (in order asc -> desc)

  • change Loïc's script to "fit" the script files syntax (and not only the script logs)
  • fix few issues that have spotted
  • extend the script to include all the functionality (some are marked as TODO in the original script)
  • unify/change the returned tree properties


Once the script parser is complete the next step is to create similar parser but for Qlik expressions (only thinking about describing the set analysis is giving me a headache)

I do have a set of scripts to test with but feel free to submit/mail extra scripts.

PS. Have a look at the docs/index.html at the "beauty" of the rules


To build the parser yourself:

  • clone this repo
  • npm install
  • npm run build - this will combine src/blocks/*.pegjs files (using the order specified in src/build.js) and will produce both the grammar file and the parser file in the dist folder


(no npm installation yet)

const parser = require('../dist/qlik-script-parser')
const qlikScript = `SET ThousandSep=',';
SET DecimalSep='.';
Let MyMessage = NoOfRows('MainTable') & ' rows in Main Table';`
let parsedText = parser.parse(qlikScript)


npm i qlik-script-parser

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