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    This module takes a password string and validate it according to the specified rules.


    npm install --save pwd-strength


    Here is a list of the settings currently available:

    Setting Default Description
    debug false Enable debug mode
    allErrors false Show all errors found as an array instead the first one as string
    minUpperChars 1 Minimum uppercase characters required [A-Z].
    minLowerChars 1 Minimum lowercase characters required [a-z].
    minNumberChars 1 Minimum numbers required [0-9].
    minSpecialChars 1 Minimum symbols required (any character not in [a-zA-Z0-9]).
    minPasswordLength 8 Minimum password length required.
    maxConsecutiveRepeatingChars 2 Maximum consecutive repeating characters allowed.
    lang See below Object with multi-language strings.
    colors See below Object with the colors depending on the strength.

    Language settings

    Here is a list of the language settings currently available:

    Language setting Translation
    weak Weak
    average Average
    strong Strong
    secure Secure
    enterPassword Enter a password
    minPasswordChar At least %s character please
    minPasswordChars At least %s characters please
    minLowerChar At least %s lowercase character please
    minLowerChars At least %s lowercase characters please
    minUpperChar At least %s uppercase character please
    minUpperChars At least %s uppercase characters please
    minNumberChar At least %s number please
    minNumberChars At least %s numbers please
    minSpecialChar At least %s special character please
    minSpecialChars At least %s special characters please
    maxConsecutiveRepeatingChars No more than %s consecutive repeating characters or numbers please

    Color settings

    Here is a list of the color settings depending on the strength currently available:

    Color setting Default
    error #ee0000
    weak #c43d4b
    average #cc9900
    strong #569f0c
    secure #007000

    Testing the library

        const passwordStrength = require('pwd-strength');
        let result = passwordStrength('Test');

    The function returns an object as follows:

    Error response

            "success": false, // any error occurs
            "key": "error", // Indicates error
            "message": "First error message found", // Multilanguage string with the error message
            "color": "#rrggbb" // Hex color depending on the key

    Error response with allErrors: true setting

            "success": false, // any error occurs
            "key": "error", // Indicates error
            "message": ["Error message 1", "Error message 2", "Error message 3", ...], // Multilanguage array of strings with the error messages
            "color": "#rrggbb" // Hex color depending on the key

    Success response

            "success": true, // no errors
            "key": "weak|average|strong|secure", // Indicates the strength
            "message": "Strength", // Multilanguage string with the strength
            "color": "#rrggbb" // Hex color depending on the key

    Error examples

    Default settings, the first error checked will be the empty password:

        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"Enter a password","color":"#ee0000"}

    Default settings, the first error checked will be the password length:

        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"At least 8 characters please","color":"#ee0000"}

    Minimum uppercase characters:

        console.log(passwordStrength('testtest', { minUpperChars: 1 }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"At least 1 uppercase character please","color":"#ee0000"}

    Minimum lowercase characters:

        console.log(passwordStrength('TESTTEST', { minLowerChars: 1 }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"At least 1 lowercase character please","color":"#ee0000"}

    Minimum numbers:

        console.log(passwordStrength('TestTest', { minNumberChars: 1 }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"At least 1 number please","color":"#ee0000"}

    Minimum symbols:

        console.log(passwordStrength('TestTest1', { minSpecialChars: 1 }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"At least 1 special character please","color":"#ee0000"}

    Maximum consecutive repeating characters allowed:

        console.log(passwordStrength('TestTTTTest1', { maxConsecutiveRepeatingChars: 2 }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":"No more than 2 consecutive repeating characters or numbers please","color":"#ee0000"}

    With allErrors: true setting and the empty password, all possible errors will be shown, only in an error occurs (success: false in the response). This is the only case where the message property will be an array of strings.

        console.log(passwordStrength('', { allErrors: true }));
        // {"success":false,"key":"error","message":["Enter a password","At least 8 characters please","At least 1 lowercase character please","At least 1 uppercase character please","At least 1 number please","At least 1 special character please"],"color":"#ee0000"}

    Success examples

    Success result, with weak password:

        console.log(passwordStrength('testtest', { minUpperChars: 0, minSpecialChars: 0, minNumberChars: 0 }));
        // {"success":true,"key":"weak","message":"Weak","color":"#c43d4b"}

    Success result, with average password:

        console.log(passwordStrength('testest1', { minUpperChars: 0, minSpecialChars: 0 }));
        // {"success":true,"key":"average","message":"Average","color":"#cc9900"}

    Success result, with strong password, and default settings:

        // {"success":true,"key":"strong","message":"Strong","color":"#569f0c"}

    Success result, with secure password, and default settings:

        // {"success":true,"key":"secure","message":"Secure","color":"#007000"}


    npm i pwd-strength

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