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This package has been deprecated

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Please start using @puzzleframework/lite. New naming convention.


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Puzzle Framework Lite

Puzzle Framework Lite wants to be a simple to use framework to build webapps using a micro-application architecture.

The purpose of this framework is to be as small and lite as possible. It is composed of core elements and some core modules (called puzzles). The core modules can be enable/disabled through feature switches in the application that uses the framework.

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Sample project

The sample project where different functionalities are shown is available here: https://github.com/spark-development/puzzle-framework-lite-sample

Anyone can download that project and build upon it.


To contribute please read the CONTRIBUTING.md file.


The documentation of the framework is split into 2 major folders:

  • docs - where all the developer written documentation is
  • gen-docs - where the generated documentation is

The docs is structured by the different modules that are available in the application.

The gen-docs contains code documentation generated by jsdoc. To generate a new version of this documentation please use the npm run jsdoc command. Documentation generated under this folder SHOULD NOT be committed. They will be updated by a repository maintainer.


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