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Promised WebSQL

A lightweight wrapper for WebSQL implementations to make them support promises.

Tested with:

  • Chrome's WebSQL
  • Expo SDK's expo-sqlite
  • React Native's react-native-sqlite-storage

While not tested, it should work with Cordova's cordova-sqlite-storage and any WebSQL implementation in accordance with this standard.


I know WebSQL is deprecated and will not be developed, but it is still used widely and remains the only SQL option on React Native/Cordova projects. I had to use SQL in one and wanted to write it with promises, that is why I created this package.


npm install promised-websql --save or yarn add promised-websql.


import * as SQLite from 'expo-sqlite';
import PromisedWebSQL from 'promised-websql';
// Setup
const db = SQLite.openDatabase('test.db');
const promised_db = PromisedWebSQL(db);
// Usage
  .then(([transaction, result]) => {
    console.log('Table created!');
  .catch((error) => {

API Reference


  • Arguments:
    • db: object - a DB-like object that conforms to the WebSQL specification, most notably, has a #transaction function.
  • Returns:
    • {sql: function, sqls: function} - an object that exposes the api, listed below

PromisedWebSQL#sql(sql_query, paramerters?)

Execute an SQL query on the database, optionally interpolate with parameters.

  • Arguments:
    • sql_query: string - an SQL query to execute
    • parameters?: Array<string> - an optional array of parameters to interpolate ? symbols in sql_query.
  • Returns:
    • Promise<[transaction: SQLTransaction, result: ResultSet]> - A promise which resolves when the transaction is executed. Resolves with an array, where the first element is the transaction itself and the second is the response from the database api. If rejected, rejects with an array where the first element is the transaction itself, and the second is the error returned from the database api.


Execute multiple SQL queries on the database, optionally interpolate with parameters.

  • Arguments:
    • sql_queries: Array<Array<string>> - an array of arrays. Each array represents an SQL query, where the first string is the SQL query itself, the rest is parameters, if there are any.
  • Returns:
    • Promise<Array<[transaction: SQLTransaction, result: ResultSet]>> - A promise which resolves when all the transactions are executed. Resolves with an array of arrays, where each array represents a transaction (in the same order as passed in #sqls). The first item is the transaction itself, the second one is the result.


Any contributions are welcome. Feel free to open an issue if you find a bug or a pull request if you want to fix it.


npm i promised-websql

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