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    Prisma-multi-tenant 🧭

    Version Documentation Maintenance License: MIT Twitter: Errorname_

    🧭 Use Prisma as a multi-tenant provider for your application

    What's a multi-tenant application?

    A multi-tenant application is when a single instance of your application runs on a server and serves multiple tenants.

    With a multi-tenant architecture, a software application is designed to provide every tenant a dedicated share of the instance - including its data, configuration, user management, tenant individual functionality and non-functional properties.

    For example, you could run a social-network for companies, where each company would have it's own data and users.

    Why is Prisma great for multi-tenancy?

    Prisma gives you all the tools necessary to handle your database: data modeling, database schema migrations, type safe database access, etc. Doing so, prisma-multi-tenant can then automate those processes and help you make a multi-tenant application.

    Why do I need prisma-multi-tenant?

    Because prisma-multi-tenant does not only allow you to access multiple databases seamlessly with only a couple of lines of code in your server, but it also let you use the CLI to create new tenants and assure consistancy between all your databases as easily as possible.


    npm i -g prisma-multi-tenant
    prisma-multi-tenant init # Init multi-tenancy in your Prisma project 


    If this is your first time using prisma-multi-tenant, I strongly suggest that you follow the ✨ Getting Started ✨ tutorial.

    $> prisma-multi-tenant help
      🧭  prisma-multi-tenant v2.4.1
        prisma-multi-tenant [command] [args]
            prisma-multi-tenant new
            prisma-multi-tenant migrate my_tenant up
            prisma-multi-tenant env my_tenant -- npx @prisma/cli instrospect
        init                       Init multi-tenancy for your application
        list                       List all tenants
        new <management?>          Create a new tenant or management
        studio <name>              Use Studio to access a tenant
        migrate <name?> <action>   Migrate tenants (up, down, save)
        delete <name>              Delete one tenant
        generate                   Generate Prisma Clients for the tenants and management
        env <name>                 Set env variables for a specific tenant
        eject                      Eject prisma-multi-tenant from your application
        help                       Display this help
        -h, --help                 Output usage information for a command
        -V, --version              Output the version number
        -e, --env                  Load env file given as parameter
        --verbose                  Print additional logs
    const { MultiTenant } = require('@prisma-multi-tenant/client')
    const multiTenant = new MultiTenant()
    // The name can come from anywhere (headers, token, ...)
    const prisma = await multiTenant.get('my_tenant_A')
    // Use Prisma-Client the same way as before
    const users = await prisma.user.findMany()


    Read more on how prisma-multi-tenant can help you achieve multi-tenancy for your apps:


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