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    functional, data oriented priority queue that doesn't suck

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    There are many priority queue implementations on the web, but I couldn't find any that meet these critera:

    • does not allocate memory at run time
    • has tests
    • is functional, data oriented
    • is tiny! (~150 lines of code)
    • is a pure ES module

    So here we are!


    import PQ from 'priority-queue'
    // declarea a custom function for comparing the priority values of 2 items in the queue
    function comparator (a, b) {
      return a < b ? true : false
    // create a new priority queue that can hold a maximum of 20,000 items.
    // by default max length is 1000
    const MAX_LENGTH = 20000
    const obj = PQ.create(comparator, MAX_LENGTH)
    // insert a few items
    PQ.queue(obj, 'e', 1)
    PQ.queue(obj, 'f', 9)
    PQ.queue(obj, 'g', 4)
    // get the highest priority item out of the queue
    console.log(PQ.dequeue(obj)) // 'f'
    console.log(PQ.dequeue(obj)) // 'g'
    console.log(PQ.dequeue(obj)) // 'e'
    // when the queue is empty it'll return undefined on dequeue
    console.log(PQ.dequeue(obj)) // undefined

    By default dequeue will return the highest prioritied item in the queue first. If you want to get the lowest priority item instead, pass a 3rd boolean argument:

    const highest = PQ.dequeue(obj)
    GET_HIGHEST = false
    const lowest = PQ.dequeue(obj, GET_HIGHEST)


    • queue - add an element to the queue
    • dequeue - delete the max priority element from the queue
    • isEmpty - returns true/false
    • clear - clear the queue
    • delete - If we need to update the priority, delete that item and insert it in again
    • list - contents of heap

    The Item stored in the queue should be class and a comparator should be provided.

    If values in a queue are strings, comparator will receive priorities as a and b in the example below

    We need max priority element to be removed first.

    const comparator = function (a, b) {
      return a >= b ? false : true

    An example would be:

    const obj = PriorityQueue.create(comparator)
    PQ.queue(obj, 'c', 1)
    PQ.queue(obj, 'b', 3)
    PQ.queue(obj, 'a', 5)
    console.log(PQ.dequeue(obj)) //'a'

    If values in the queue is an object, comparator will receive the object and you need to compare priorities

    class Box {
      constructor(w, l) {
        this.w = w
        this.l = l
        this.area = w * l //this is priority
      comparator(a, b) {
        return a.area >= b.area ? false : true
    const obj = PQ.create(Box.prototype.comparator)
    const a = new Box(5, 5)
    const b = new Box(9, 9)
    PQ.queue(obj, a)
    PQ.queue(obj, new Box(2, 3))
    PQ.queue(obj, new Box(3, 3))
    PQ.queue(obj, b)
    assert.deepEqual(PQ.dequeue(obj), b)
    assert.deepEqual(PQ.dequeue(obj), a)


    npm i priority-queue

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