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    Richard Wen

    Command line tool for creating a pg-testdb template file

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    1. Install Node.js (v6.0.0+)
    2. Install pg-testdb via npm
    3. Install pg-testdb-template via npm
    npm install pg-testdb --save-dev
    npm install pg-testdb-template -g

    For the latest developer version, see Developer Install.


    Create a template file named pg-testdb-template.js for the pg-testdb package in the current directory:


    Create a template file named pg_tests.js in the current directory:

    pg-testdb-template pg_tests.js

    For help, use:

    pg-testdb-template --help

    Developer Notes

    Developer Install

    Install the latest developer version with npm from github:

    npm install git+https://github.com/rrwen/pg-testdb-template

    Install from git cloned source:

    1. Ensure git is installed
    2. Clone into current path
    3. Install via npm
    git clone https://github.com/rrwen/pg-testdb-template
    cd pg-testdb-template
    npm install


    1. Clone into current path git clone https://github.com/rrwen/pg-testdb-template
    2. Enter into folder cd pg-testdb-template
    3. Ensure tape and moment are available
    4. Run tests
    5. Results are saved to ./tests/log with each file corresponding to a version tested
    npm install
    npm test

    Upload to Github

    1. Ensure git is installed
    2. Inside the pg-testdb-template folder, add all files and commit changes
    3. Push to github
    git add .
    git commit -a -m "Generic update"
    git push

    Upload to npm

    1. Update the version in package.json
    2. Run tests and check for OK status
    3. Login to npm
    4. Publish to npm
    npm test
    npm login
    npm publish


    The npm core package fs was used to copy a template from the pg-testdb-template install directory to the user's current directory:

    1. Create a read stream with var read = fs.createReadStream('template.js');
    2. Create a write stream with var write = fs.createWriteStream('copy.js');
    3. Pipe the read stream to the write stream read.pipe(write);


    npm i pg-testdb-template

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