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    Tiny progress bar widget in css3 and js es6 / es2015. Designed for ease of use.

    Add to your site with two lines of code:


    <script defer src="pbar.es5.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script defer type="text/javascript">var pb = new require('pbar').pbar;</script> 


    <script defer src="pbar.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script defer type="text/javascript">import {pbar} from './pbar.js';</script> 

    No production dependencies, assets, globals, or primitive decoration. Source is 2.1k. Minified ES5 with require() packaging is 2.6k. Works in browsers, node, and embedded browsers.

    You have control of color, background color and presence, location (defaults to fixed browser top,) animation transition, and many other things that most people won't actually care about in practice.

    Ships with ES6 packaging, ES5 packaging that works in-browser and in-node, and minified ES5. (We're waiting on a closure compiler patch before es6 minification will work correctly.)


    <!doctype html><html><head>
      <script defer src="../dist/pbar.es5.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script> 
      <script type="text/javascript">
        var pbar, pb;
        var pb;
        window.onload = function() {                       // when the page loads
          pbar     = require('pbar').pbar;                 // load the library
          pb       = new pbar({color:'red', value:'0%'});  // make a new progress bar, initially red and empty
          pb.value = '20%';                                // immediately animate to 20%
        window.setTimeout(function() {                     // when the timeout fires
          pb.color = '#aa0';                               // change the color to dark yellow
          pb.value = '80%';                                // set the value to 80%
        }, 2000);                                          // the timeout fires in two seconds
        window.setTimeout(function() {                     // when the timeout fires
          pb.color = 'green';                              // change the color to green
          pb.value = '100%';                               // set the value to 100%
        }, 4000);                                          // the timeout fires in four seconds


    pbar with no options, or with an empty object, is legal. pbar will ignore options it doesn't recognize.

    pbar writes inline styles without quoting. Options are subject to injections. Do not use pbar with user generated content.

    Options that pbar does recognize:

    • background is the value of the background property on the master frame tag. Default is transparent.
    • border is the value of the border property on the tag drawing the frame. Default is 0px solid transparent.
    • color is the value of the background property on the tag drawing the bar. Generally this will be a color, but this very easily could be an image, or whatever. Default is #40B3CC, a light blue.
    • height is the value of the height property of the frame tag. Default is '4px'. This is a CSS string, and therefore requires a unit unless 0.
    • value is the value of the width property of the bar tag. Normally this would be expressed as a percentage. Default is 50%, which is kind of trolly, but nice for newcomers.
    • target is the identity of the bar's host. Unlike most values, this isn't a CSS property. Instead, it's either a DOM reference like you'd get from document.getElementById(), or a string which will be looked up as an id by the library. If no target is given, document.body is assumed.
    • position is the position of the frame tag. Default is fixed if no target is given, or absolute if one is.
    • transition is the value of the transition property, but with the string 'width ' prepended to the front. Generally provide the time and/or the easing function in CSS format, such as '0.35s' or '0.5s easeOutSine'. Default is '0.35s'.

    Polemic :neckbeard:

    pbar is MIT licensed, because viral licenses and newspeak language modification are evil. Free is only free when it's free for everyone.


    npm i pbar

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