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    Low-level parse5 node manipulation utilities.


    const utils = require('parse5-utils')

    let document = utils.parse(html, [smart])

    Parse an HTML string, If smart, returns a document or documentFragment, appropriately. Otherwise, always parses it as a document.

    let fragment = utils.parseFragment(html)

    Parses HTML as a fragment.

    let html = utils.serialize(document || fragment)

    Converts an AST into an HTML string.

    let attributes = utils.attributesOf(node)

    Get the attributes of a node as an object.

    setAttribute(node, key, value)

    Set an attribute of a node.

    getAttribute(node, key)

    Get the attribute of a node.

    node.attrs = utils.toAttrs(attributes)

    Set a node's attributes from an object.

    let node = utils.createNode(tagName)

    Create a node with a specific tag name.

    let textNode = utils.createTextNode(text)

    Create a text node.

    node = utils.prepend(parent, node)

    Add a child to a node, making it the first child.

    node = utils.append(parent, node)

    Add a child to a node, making it the last child.

    node = utils.replace(originalNode, newNode)

    Replace a node with another node.

    node = utils.remove(node)

    Remove a node.

    nodes = utils.flatten(node || [nodes])

    Get all the nodes in a tree as a flat array.

    let text = utils.textOf(node)

    Get the text of a node.

    utils.setText(node, text)

    Set the text of a node.


    npm i parse5-utils

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