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    Parse a glob pattern into an object of tokens.

    Changes from v1.0.0 to v3.0.4

    • all path-related properties are now on the path object
    • all boolean properties are now on the is object
    • adds base property

    See the properties section for details.

    Install with npm

    $ npm i parse-glob --save
    • parses 1,000+ glob patterns in 29ms (2.3 GHz Intel Core i7)
    • Extensive unit tests (more than 1,000 lines), covering wildcards, globstars, character classes, brace patterns, extglobs, dotfiles and other complex patterns.

    See the tests for hundreds of examples.


    var parseGlob = require('parse-glob');




    { orig: 'a/b/c/**/*.{yml,json}',
       { glob: true,
         negated: false,
         extglob: false,
         braces: true,
         brackets: false,
         globstar: true,
         dotfile: false,
         dotdir: false },
      glob: '**/*.{yml,json}',
      base: 'a/b/c',
       { dirname: 'a/b/c/**/',
         basename: '*.{yml,json}',
         filename: '*',
         extname: '.{yml,json}',
         ext: '{yml,json}' } }


    The object returned by parseGlob has the following properties:

    • orig: a copy of the original, unmodified glob pattern
    • is: an object with boolean information about the glob:
      • glob: true if the pattern actually a glob pattern
      • negated: true if it's a negation pattern (!**/foo.js)
      • extglob: true if it has extglobs (@(foo|bar))
      • braces: true if it has braces ({1..2} or .{txt,md})
      • brackets: true if it has POSIX brackets ([[:alpha:]])
      • globstar: true if the pattern has a globstar (double star, **)
      • dotfile: true if the pattern should match dotfiles
      • dotdir: true if the pattern should match dot-directories (like .git)
    • glob: the glob pattern part of the string, if any
    • base: the non-glob part of the string, if any
    • path: file path segments
      • dirname: directory
      • basename: file name with extension
      • filename: file name without extension
      • extname: file extension with dot
      • ext: file extension without dot


    • glob-base: Returns an object with the (non-glob) base path and the actual pattern. | homepage
    • glob-parent: Strips glob magic from a string to provide the parent path | homepage
    • glob-path-regex: Regular expression for matching the parts of glob pattern. | homepage
    • is-glob: Returns true if the given string looks like a glob pattern. | homepage
    • micromatch: Glob matching for javascript/node.js. A drop-in replacement and faster alternative to minimatch and multimatch. Just… more | homepage


    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.


    Install dev dependencies:

    $ npm i -d && npm test


    Jon Schlinkert


    Copyright © 2014-2015 Jon Schlinkert Released under the MIT license.

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    npm i parse-glob

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