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literate programming

Essentially, literate programming inverts the importance of code and comments. Whereas in normal code, you need to identify comments (in purescript by a -- or {- -} for single/multi-line comments, respectively), in literate programming you need to identify code.


Create a directory for your literate files. Comments are normal lines of text, and code is marked by triple backticks.

Options are as follows:

Usage: litps [options]
     | litps compile [options]

Root options:
  --help -h       Shows this text.
  --version -v    Shows version.
  --file <path>   Specify only a single file as input.
  --input <dir>   Specify the directory of literate files.
                  Defaults to "literate/".
  --output <dir>  Specify the directory of output PS files.
                  Defaults to "src/".
  --i-ext <ext>   Specify the extension of literate files.
                  Defaults to "md".
  --o-ext <ext>   Specify the extension of source files.
                  Defaults to "purs".

Compile options: Run 'litps compile --help'

As of now the output directory must not exist (this is to prevent accidentally overwriting source code, as actually happened to me during development). This may change in a future version to allow interactively choosing whether to remove the output directory before building or not.

Using the --file option will ignore --input (since the argument is the input file), --output (the output will be in the same directory as the input file) and --i-ext (since the extension is given in the input file).


npm run build

This will create litps in the directory, which you can call: node litps.


npm run copybin will run npm run build, then mark it executable and move it to ~/bin/ which should be in your $PATH.


Windows and MacOS are unsupported.


npm i paluh-litps

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