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Open Calais attaches intelligent metadata-tags to your unstructured content, enabling powerful text analytics. The Open Calais natural language processing engine automatically analyzes and tags your input files in such a way that your consuming application can both easily pinpoint relevant data, and effectively leverage the invaluable intelligence and insights contained within the text. Please refer to the complete documentation here.


$ npm install opencalais-tagging


  • Get your free opencalais key from here.

A promise is returned if a callback function is not provided.

const calais  = require('opencalais-tagging'),
      options = {
        content     : 'The content to tag',
        accessToken : 'opencalais-key'
const response = await calais.tag(options)
console.log('Response : ', response)

An optional callbck function can also be provided.

const calais  = require('opencalais-tagging'),
      options = {
        content     : 'The content to tag',
        accessToken : 'opencalais-key'
calais.tag(options, (error, data) => {
  console.log('Response : ', data)


The following query parameters can be provided.

Options Description Values Default Value
content (MANDATORY) Content to be tagged. string none
accessToken (MANDATORY) Obtained access token string none
Content-Type Indicates the input mime type. text/html, text/xml, text/raw, application/pdf text/raw
omitOutputtingOriginalText Excludes the original text from the output. Highly recommended for large input files. boolean true
outputFormat Defines the output format. xml/rdf, application/json, text/n3 application/json
x-calais-contentClass Specifies the genre of the input document. Highly recommended for optimal extraction when input files are news stories or research reports. news, research none
x-calais-language Indicates the language of the input text. English, French, Spanish none
x-calais-selectiveTags Lets you specify a custom set of metadata tag types to be included in the output. additionalcontactdetails, company, country, deal, company, industry, person, socialtags, topic none


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


npm i opencalais-tagging

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