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    Validates embedded JSON-examples in OpenAPI-specs (v2 and v3 are supported)

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    Install using npm:

    npm install -g openapi-examples-validator


    openapi-examples-validator [options] <filepath>
    Validate embedded examples in OpenAPI-specs (JSON and YAML supported).
      To validate external examples, use the `-s` and `-e` option.
      To pass a mapping-file, to validate multiple external examples, use the `-m` option.
      -V, --version                              output the version number
      -s, --schema-jsonpath <schema-jsonpath>    Path to OpenAPI-schema, to validate the example file against
      -e, --example-filepath <example-filepath>  file path to example file, to be validated
      -m, --mapping-filepath <mapping-filepath>  file path to map, containing schema-paths as key and the file-path(s) to
                                                 examples as value. If wildcards are used, the parameter has to be put in
      -c, --cwd-to-mapping-file                  changes to the directory of the mapping-file, before resolving the
                                                 example's paths. Use this option, if your mapping-files use relative paths
                                                 for the examples
      -n, --no-additional-properties             don't allow properties that are not described in the schema
      -h, --help                                 output usage information

    The validator will search the OpenAPI-spec for response-examples and validate them against its schema.

    If an external example has to be verified, the -s and -e option has to be used.

    For example:

    $ openapi-examples-validator -s $.paths./.get.responses.200.schema -e example.json openapi-spec.json

    To validate multiple external examples, pass a mapping file with a similar structure along with the -m option:

      "$.paths./.get.responses.200.schema": [
      "$.paths./.get.responses.300.schema": "test/data/external-examples-invalid-missing-link.json"

    Errors will be written to stderr.

    Sample output of validation errors:

            "keyword": "type",
            "dataPath": ".versions[0].id",
            "schemaPath": "#/properties/versions/items/properties/id/type",
            "params": {
                "type": "string"
            "message": "should be string",
            "examplePath": "/~1/get/responses/200/examples/application~1json"


    Example usage:

    $ docker run --rm -i \
        --user=$(id -u) \
        -v ${PWD}:/data \
        codekie/openapi-examples-validator:latest \


    • The formats int32, float and double are supported for the type number. The format int64 is only available for the type string, though (due to the precision-limitations of Javascript).
    • The option --no-additional-properties does not work, if allOf is used to combine subschemas.
      • Enabling this flag will not apply additionalProperties to any subschemas that use these combiner keywords.
      • A warning will be logged if setting the additionalProperties flag has been skipped.


    To run the tests, execute

    npm test

    or to check the coverage

    npm run coverage


    npm i openapi-examples-validator

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