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This package has been deprecated

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oopsy has been moved to nevis


0.2.0 • Public • Published
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Oopsy makes it easier to use the Object-Orientated Programming (OOP) model in JavaScript.

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Install using the package manager for your desired environment(s):

$ npm install --save oopsy
# OR:
$ bower install --save skelp-oopsy

You'll need to have at least Node.js installed and you'll only need Bower if you want to install that way instead of using npm.

If you want to simply download the file to be used in the browser you can find them below:


The API is extremely simple and is designed to make it as easy as possible to implement traditional inheritance.

Oopsy.extend([constructor][, prototype][, statics])

It is very flexible and can be used to extend classes:

var BaseObject = Oopsy.extend(function(options) {
  this.options = options || {}
var ChildObject = BaseObject.extend({
  getOption: function(name) {
    return this.options[name]
  setOption: function(name, value) {
    this.options[name] = value
var Person = ChildObject.extend(function(name, options) {
  Person.super_.call(this, options)
  this.name = name
}, {
  greet: function(name) {
    return 'Hello ' + name + ', my name is ' + this.name
}, {
  people: []

All constructors extended by Oopsy are given a static super_ property which references the super constructor.

Also, this can be used to extend existing classes such as EventEmitter:

var EventEmitter = require('events').EventEmitter
var Oopsy = require('oopsy')
var BaseObject = Oopsy.extend(function() {
}, EventEmitter.prototype, EventEmitter)

However, this last approach has the caveats of instanceof not identifying this kind of inheritance and super_ will only reference the constructor that is extended.


If you have any problems with Oopsy or would like to see changes currently in development you can do so here.


If you want to contribute, you're a legend! Information on how you can do so can be found in CONTRIBUTING.md. We want your suggestions and pull requests!

A list of Oopsy contributors can be found in AUTHORS.md.


See LICENSE.md for more information on our MIT license.

© 2016 Skelp


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