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官方网站:https://omelox.io 欢迎加Omelox官方QQ群:xxxxxxxx


手动安装: npm install omelox -g

mkdir testProject cd testProject 初始化项目 omelox init


  1. omelox是pomelo的TS版本,框架内部把回调改为了Promise。
  2. 框架与pomelo一样,所以可以看pomelo的相关教程。
  3. 协议与pomelo一样,所以pomelo的客户端代码可以直接对接上omelox服务端。


git clone https://gitee.com/gamingcity/omelox.git
cd omelox
yarn run build

编译好以后可以使用 yarn link 或者 npm link 软链接到自己的项目。 也可以用 yarn 的 workspace

查看omelox CHANGELOG

Omelox -- a fast, scalable game server framework for node.js

Omelox is a fast, scalable game server framework for node.js. It provides the basic development framework and many related components, including libraries and tools. Omelox is also suitable for real-time web applications; its distributed architecture makes omelox scale better than other real-time web frameworks.


Complete support of game server and realtime application server architecture

  • Multiple-player game: mobile, social, web, MMO rpg(middle size)
  • Realtime application: chat, message push, etc.

Fast, scalable

  • Distributed (multi-process) architecture, can be easily scale up
  • Flexible server extension
  • Full performance optimization and test


  • Simple API: request, response, broadcast, etc.
  • Lightweight: high development efficiency based on node.js
  • Convention over configuration: almost zero config


  • Many clients support, including javascript, flash, android, iOS, cocos2d-x, C
  • Many libraries and tools, including command line tool, admin tool, performance test tool, AI, path finding etc.
  • Good reference materials: full docs, many examples and an open-source MMO RPG demo


  • Support plugin architecture, easy to add new features through plugins. We also provide many plugins like online status, master high availability.
  • Custom features, users can define their own network protocol, custom components very easy.

Why should I use omelox?

Fast, scalable, real-time game server development is not an easy job, and a good container or framework can reduce its complexity. Unfortunately, unlike web, finding a game server framework solution is difficult, especially an open source solution. Omelox fills this gap, providing a full solution for building game server frameworks.

Thanks JetBrains

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