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    Omega Issue Tracker

    Traditional issue trackers emphasize metadata and workflow and tend to add considerable overhead to a project. They make little sense for small, highly collaborative teams.

    Ω is not traditional. It facilitates squashing issues, not documenting their life stories. No administrivia.

    Initial version created during a Big Idea Day at Pulse Energy. More details


    Give it a whirl at The redis database there is severely limited, but it should suffice as a demo.


    • real-time

      • you never need to refresh to get updates
      • chat with team members in the same context
      • optional growl-like notifications even outside the browser (Chrome only, for now)
    • minimalist

      • everything you need on a single page
      • no need to sign up for yet another account with yet another password
      • use tags and flexible filtering to achieve any workflow you want
      • easy setup thanks to few dependencies
    • projects

      • create as many as you need (one per task/feature works well)
      • can mark 'top secret' if you want some privacy (for total security, host Ω behind your firewall)


    Depending on your needs, you could create your project on the demo site. But to have Ω all to yourself, there are a couple of options:

    1. Install it on your own server

      1. Install node.js (which comes with npm)
      2. git clone
      3. cd omega; npm install
    2. Install it in the cloud via a PaaS like Heroku, OpenShift, etc.


    Start the server:

    npm start

    Or, to specify options:

    node server [--redis] [--port <port>] [--pass <password>]

    <redis> - use Redis for persistence instead of json on the file system.

    <port> - Where the server listens for connections. Defaults to 1337.

    <password> - Password required for accessing project admin section. Defaults to 'admin'. (Default username is also 'admin'.)

    Then just open a browser to http://localhost:1337 or wherever.


    Ω is unit tested using Jasmine. Open tests/SpecRunner.html to run the tests.


     project: omega
     commits: 254
     files  : 105
       221  David Hirtle            87.0%
        24  Neil Gentleman          9.4%
         6  Drew Miller             2.4%
         2  Russell Porter          0.8%
         1  Farrin Reid             0.4%


    Our dev instance of Ω is not public (for now), but feel free to file issues on github as usual.


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