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This package has been deprecated

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please migrate to react-octagon


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pattern library (storybook) & react component api

see the latest storybook here


npm install --save octagon

usage - pattern library / storybook

  • clone this repository
  • run npm install from the project directory
  • npm start

open the url shown to see the latest storybook!

usage - react component library

octagon imports, occasionally wraps, and re-exports piece-wise components from react-semantic-ui. you may generally refer to those docs for API usage.

  • add octagon's CSS into your app using whatever css bundling you prefer
    • import 'octagon/lib/styles/semantic.css'
  • import components from the lib
    • import SomeComponent from 'octagon/lib/some-component/<SomeComponent>


  • clone this repository
  • run npm install

now you're off to the races 🏇! this package offers two different development modes, depending on your use case. you can run both development modes in parallel, if needed.

component and styles development

useful for when you're developing styles and components for this package only. in other words, "storybook" development.

npm run storybook-dev

  • watches the styles project for changes and rebuilds styles on changes. refreshes the storybook UI.
  • watches the react component source for changes and rebuilds components & stories on changes. refreshes the storybook UI.

for information on how to adjust the theme styles, see THEMING.md.

react component api distribution

useful if you've npm linked your front-end project with octagon and want to iterate on components without suffering the build/publish lifecycle for octagon.

npm run component-api-dev

watches src/ for react component changes and recompiles the distribution output (e.g. lib/).




npm i octagon-react

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