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Nuxt PDF [WIP]

npm npm (scoped with tag) License

Generate PDF files directly from your content on your website, can be used for offline downloadable documentation pages.


  • Create PDF from Vue template
  • Automatic PDF Generation
  • Customizable Metadata
  • Supports (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid)
  • Support dynamic routes (Nuxt Generate)
  • Support dynamic titles (from <title> tag)
  • I18n support for specific languages
  • Generates as you edit (Automatic PDF regeneration)
  • For NUXT 2.x and higher

Table of Contents


npm install nuxt-pdf --save-dev


yarn add -D nuxt-pdf


  • Add the class .page to your page to display when printing, for formatting, add classes: .a1, .a2, .a3, .a4, .a5, .letter, .legal, or .tabloid

  • Add nuxt-pdf to the buildModules section of your nuxt.config.js file:

buildModules: ['nuxt-pdf']
  • Add a custom configuration with the pdf property.

You can see the available options in the example configuration

// nuxt.config.js

  buildModules: [
  pdf: {
    // custom configuration


// nuxt.config.js

  pdf: {
    * Output folder for generated pdf.
    dir: "static",

    * Function options for page.pdf([options])
    * Read more: https://pptr.dev/#?product=Puppeteer&version=v2.0.0&show=api-pagepdfoptions
    pdf: {
      // Change the format of the pdfs.
      format: "A4",

      printBackground: true // Include background in pdf.

    * Enable i18n support.
    i18n: false,

     * Add options to the puppeteer launch.
     * Read more: https://pptr.dev/#?product=Puppeteer&version=v2.0.0&show=api-puppeteerlaunchoptions
    puppeteer: {
      // Puppeteer options here... E.g. env: {}

    * PDF Meta configuration. (inspired by vue-meta)
    meta: {
      title: "My Module",
      titleTemplate: "Documentation ─ %s",

      author: "Christian Hansen",
      subject: "Example",

      producer: "Example Inc.",

      // Control the date the file is created.
      creationDate: new Date(),

      keywords: ["pdf", "nuxt"]

    * PDF generation routes. (expanding nuxt.generate)
    routes: [
        // Output file inside output folder.
        file: "downloads/documentation.pdf",

        // Route to content that should be converted into pdf.
        route: "docs",

        // Specifify language for pdf. (Only when i18n is enabled!)
        locale: 'da'

        // Override global meta with individual meta for each pdf.
        meta: {
          title: "Home"
        // Output: static/downloads/documentation-vue.pdf
        file: "downloads/documentation-vue.pdf",

        // Will generate route https://localhost:3000/docs/vue
        route: "docs/vue",

        // Title will be Documentation - Vue
        meta: {
          title: "Vue"
  • PDF generation

PDFs will be generated when running nuxt build, nuxt generate or in development nuxt dev


$ git clone https://github.com/ch99q/nuxt-pdf.git

$ cd nuxt-pdf

$ yarn


MIT License


npm i nuxt-pdf

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