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    Verify published packages against their source code.


    npx npm-verified <package-name-with-optional-version-to-verify>


    npx npm-verified npm-verified@latest
    npx npm-verified react

    How it works

    1. Downloads and extracts the requested package archive from https://registry.npmjs.org with download-npm-package.
    2. Clones the source code repository specified in the downloaded package's package.json repository field with git clone --branch <version-tag> where <version-tag> is either vX.Y.Z or X.Y.Z (both are attempted). If none of the tags are found, the master branch is cloned.
    3. Finds in the cloned source code repository the package root directory where a package.json with the requested package name is located.
    4. Installs the dependencies there via yarn or npm install.
    5. Runs npm pack there to prepare the package archive that is supposed to be uploaded to the npm registry.
    6. Extracts the package archive created from the source code.
    7. Compares the files from the downloaded archive with the files from the prepared archive.
    8. Prints the mismatching parts as a human-readable diff, sets the process exit code to 0 if the files are the same, to 1 if the files are different.

    Requirements and limitations

    • The package.json with the package name must exist in the source code repository.
    • The package.json in the published package must contain the link to the source code repository.
    • The repository must have a tag corresponding to the published package version, either vX.Y.Z or X.Y.Z, or the master branch must have the published version.
    • Currently, only git repositories are supported.
    • Currently, the node, yarn, and npm applications to prepare the package from the source code are obtained from the environment, not from the source code.
    • Currently, the tool uses find command from the environment (should be re-implemented in JavaScript to be fully cross-platform).

    Future vision

    • Package verification as a service.
    • README badge.
    • CI integration.
    • Has to use the same node, yarn, and npm versions that the repository maintainers use to prepare packages.
    • Has to scale: package build processes eat CPU.
    • More human-readable stats diff (missing, extra files).
    • Machine-readable output (for integrations).



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