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    An EV Nova data file and plug-in parser built for NovaJS, this project parses a directory containing Nova Data and Plug-ins subdirectories according to the NovaDataInterface.

    In contrast to how EV Nova parsed files, NovaParse separates Plug-ins into their own namespaces to prevent ID conflicts. Each plug-in placed directly in the Plug-ins directory has access to its own IDs and to the global Nova Files IDs, but does not have access to IDs defined in other plug-ins. Creating a subdirectory inside the Plug-ins directory creates a shared namespace, and any plug-ins placed into that directory will have access to each other's IDs (in addition to the Nova Files ids), allowing plug-in packs like Extra Outfits and ARPIA2 to work correctly.


    git, npm


    For deployment, get it from npm with

    npm install --save novaparse


    Reading Nova data and Nova plug-ins

    // TypeScript
    import { NovaParse } from "novaparse";
    // Determines whether NovaParse should throw errors when a parse fails
    // or should provide a default value for each failed resource parse.
    var strict = false;
    // should contain "Plug-ins" and "Nova Files" subdirectories
    var parser = new NovaParse("/nova/source/folder", strict);

    This loads all Nova Files contained in /nova/source/folder/Nova\ Files/ and then loads all Nova Plug-ins in /nova/source/folder/Plug-ins/, possibly overwriting IDs in Nova Files. Plug-ins are loaded in reverse alphabetical order, so a plug-in of earlier alphabetical order may overwrite a resource in Nova Files that was previously overwritten by a plug-in of later alphabetical order.

    Getting data out of the parser

    NovaParse implements GameDataInterface of NovaDataInterface, which defines how data can be accessed from it. In short,

    • (await NovaDataInterface.ids)["ResourceType"] gets the list of available IDs for resources of "ResourceType"
    • await NovaDataInterface.data["ResourceType"].get("GlobalID") gets the "ResourceType" resource of id "GlobalID".

    The global IDs of Nova Files all start with nova: and end with their corresponding ID. Global IDs of things in the Plug-ins directory start with the name of the Plug-in or directory and end with a colon and their ID.


    To set up development, download the repository and run

    npm install

    to install dependencies.

    To build the project for deployment, use

    npm run build

    This command must be run prior to publishing to npm.

    Running Tests

    Tests can be run with npm run test

    To run an individual test, run npm run test-only ./test/path/to/test.ts


    Pull requests are welcome if you find bugs, but more type definitions need to be written before new data types can be implemented. The next large project is parsing the snd resource, which contains all the Nova sounds.


    npm i novaparse

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