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    noDNS - A minimal, easy and local alternative to running a DNS server.

    NOTE: noDNS/noDNS batch file needs to be run as Administrator to work!!

    What is noDNS?

    noDNS is an alternative to running your own DNS server just so you can have a local .DEV domain. noDNS dosn't reqiure a server and works on most if not all OS'es.
    noDNS allows you to for example create a me.local domain pointing to with out any hassles. noDNS also allows you to block domains too and the most important fact about noDNS is that its faster than a DNS.
    Even thou noDNS is local only it can export to batch files that you can run on any major OS (Linux, Darwin, Windows)and will allow you to install your domains there!!
    noDNS files are all JSON so its easy to create a noDNS record file.

    How does it work?

    noDNS uses a simple fact about most if not all OS'es, the hosts file. Before checking your DNS your OS checks your hosts file, noDNS uses that fact and inserts your domains in the hosts file.
    This means noDNS is faster than running your own DNS server and is easy to setup.

    Why not directly use the hosts file?

    You could but noDNS makes it easier by using easy JSON foramtting that isnt messy and it also comes with its own batch exporter so you run a quick batch file and it install your noDNS records on to that computer.

    How do I use noDNS?

    Deploying a noDNS Record

    All you have to do is type:
    nodns.js -d example.nodns
    And here is the example.nodns file:
    { "me.local" : { "ip" : "" } }
    if you want to block a site you can use this example.nodns file:
    { "blocked.local" : { "block" : true } }

    Exporting a noDNS Record

    To export all you have to do is:
    nodns.js -e export.bat
    Now if you run export.bat in another windows OS it should export your records.




    npm i nodns

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