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    Telegram Notifications

    Allows NodeBB to send notifications over an TelegramBot!


    Install it from nodebb plugin manager on your admin zone or clone it and Enter to the directory of the plugin and execute:

    npm install

    This will install all libs the plugin needs.


    1. Install and activate this plugin.
    2. Create your Bot, and obtain your bot token
    3. Enter the token into the plugin's setup page (/admin/telegram), and save.
    4. add your bot to any telegram chat.
    5. get the room id of that chatroom and enter it into the plugin's setup page.
    6. Select the categories to generate Telegram notification messages on the plugin's setup page
    7. Reload NodeBB.

    User Config

    1. Talk to the bot and get user token
    2. Go to your user settings and fill the token
    3. Have fun

    Commands on telegram

    Reply thread /r topicID message

    Send chat /chat userslug message

    Show Recent /recent

    Show last post on a topic /read topicID (number of posts)

    Known bugs:

    • Please use restart first time after putin your token on admin zone
    • If you have nodebb scaling you must run the plugin on main server with a port non set on other instances, can change mainport in library.js


    npm i nodebb-plugin-telegram-notifications

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