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    Node-Red node to connect to Azure DocumentDB

    Node-RED nodes to talk to Azure DocumentDB.

    Some code of Azure are under MIT License.


    Run the following command in your Node-RED user directory - typically ~/.node-red

        npm install node-red-contrib-azure-documentdb


    Azure node. Can be used to work with Azure DocumentDB using 3 nodes:

    • Supports :

    ◦CRUD Database and Collections ◦Create/List/Update/Delete and Query Documents

    Database Node

    Use msg.payload to create, delete and list the Database name.

    Ex: 'msg.payload' -> {"dbname": "databaseName", "action": "C"};

    • put "C" to crete a Database - If you create a new database, the node will send as output the name of Database.

    • put "L" to list Database

    • put "D" to delete a Database

    Collections Node

    Use msg.payload to create, delete and list the Collection name.

    Ex: 'msg.payload' -> {"dbname": "databaseName", "collName": "colletionName", "action": "C"};

    • put "C" to crete a Collection
    • put "L" to list Collection
    • put "D" to delete a Collection

    Documents Node

    Use msg.payload to work with documents in DocumentDB

    Ex: 'msg.payload' -> {"dbname": "databaseName", "collName": "colletionName", "action": "C", "doc": "*"};

    • put "C" to crete a Document - * Doc as JSON -> {"name": "Lucas", "lastname": "Humenhuk"}
    • put "L" to list Documents
    • put "D" to delete a Document
    • put "U" to update a Document
    • put "Q" to query a document - To query a document. Ex: 'SELECT VALUE r.address FROM root r WHERE r.firstname = "Lucas"'

    Read more about Azure DocumentDB on Azure DocumentDB.


    npm i node-red-contrib-azure-documentdb

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