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    Ngrammy is a n-gram based search index library for writing custom autocompletions. Ngrammy is written in Typescript, fully tested and Unicode capable!


    Install Ngrammy with:

    pnpm install ngrammy

    There are various other scripts for development:

    pnpm run dev      # watch sources
    pnpm run build    # build project
    pnpm run test     # run tests with tap
    pnpm run coverage -- --browser  # generate code coverage report
    pnpm run doc      # generate documentation
    pnpm run lint     # run eslint
    pnpm run analyze  # run size-limit --why
    pnpm run size     # run size-limit


    See library documentation and especially:

    Rationale and features

    Many libraries for ngrams only support Basic Latin (ASCII) character set — Ngrammy on the other hand:

    Has full Unicode support

    • supports full Unicode character set
    • considers accented characters to be different from unaccented characters
    • is tested with Quickcheck style fast-check using Node Tap

    Collapses and trims all whitespace when doing normalisation of search terms

    Ngrammy supports all Unicode whitespace characters when doing normalisation, including EBCDIC New Line which gets mapped to Unicode as \x0085 (NEL), and has caused considerable trouble with XML parsing.

    Allows custom normalisation function and sentinels

    See Index class constructor documentation.

    Possible use cases for customisations:

    • Index only terms that match some regexp from a larger text
    • Support multiline search terms (use a different sentinel than the default)
    • Index binary data


    npm i ngrammy

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