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Package was renamed to @ng-heroes/ng-process-env


Environment variables from process into Angular app

Angular already has his own environment system, can configure everything in src/environments/environment.ts and you can create as many environments as you want. The problem is, sometimes you want to use the System Environment variables, for example, some configuration from the CI server or if build process is running "on-premise" server, in this case, Angular environment system will not help.

ng-process-env will help you to retrieve values from System Environment variables and update relevant environment.ts file.


Just add it into your app.

ng add ng-process-env

You will be prompted to insert relevant project name project name.
You can skip it and use schematics generator later by running:

ng g ng-process-env:process-env

Insert project name

? Project name to update angular.json config. 
(you can skip and do it later using schematics or manually) my-app
 Project my-app will be updated
    Env File will be created at apps/my-app/src/environments

Define environment name

? You can set name for config to be updated or added as a new one, 'onprem' - default 

Collect Vars

To update the created environment ts file with variables from process.env:

ng run my-app:collect-vars

More details

Navigate to apps/my-app/src/environments Open a new created file environment.onprem.ts
Should looks similar to:

export const environment = {
  production: false,
  envVar: {
     * Add environment variables you want to retrieve from process
     * PORT:4200,
     * VAR_NAME: defaultValue

Add variable names you want to be retrieved from process.env.
We suggest you to add default values too.



export const environment = {
  production: false,
  envVar: {
    API_URL: 'http://localhost:3000',
    servePort: 4200,
    customer_id: '700',
    otherKey: 'defaultValue'

Collect vars

To update environment.onprem.ts with variables from environment run:

ng run my-app:collect-vars

Updated environment.onprem.ts.

export const environment = {
    production: false,
    envVar: {
        otherKey: 'defaultValue',
        API_URL: "api.domain.com",
        servePort: 5000 as number,
        customer_id: "1234"
environment.onprem.ts Type exported value (process.env[someKey]) Will be changed with
API_URL: 'localhost:3000' string 'api.domain.com' API_URL: 'api.domain.com'
servePort: 4200 number 5000 servePort: 5000 as number
customer_id: '700' string 1234 customer_id: '1234'
otherKey: 'defaultValue' string null or undefined otherKey: 'defaultValue'


npm i ng-process-env

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