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    Angular Cable

    Action Cable JS customized for Angular


    Usage: ng-cable [entry files] {OPTIONS}
    Standard Options:
        --require, -r  A module name or file to bundle.require()
                       Optionally use a colon separator to set the target.
          --entry, -e  An entry point of your app
         --ignore, -i  Replace a file with an empty stub. Files can be globs.
        --exclude, -u  Omit a file from the output bundle. Files can be globs.
       --external, -x  Reference a file from another bundle. Files can be globs.
      --transform, -t  Use a transform module on top-level files.
        --command, -c  Use a transform command on top-level files.
      --standalone -s  Generate a UMD bundle for the supplied export name.
                       This bundle works with other module systems and sets the name
                       given as a window global if no module system is found.
           --debug -d  Enable source maps that allow you to debug your files
           --help, -h  Show this message
    For advanced options, type `ng-cable --help advanced`.
    Specify a parameter.

    Example Applications

    I have created example applications for both Rails, and Angular sides. You can check them here by cloning this repository and following the instructions of each submodule (application).

    Here is a screenshot from the Angular example application:

    Angular app screenshot


    npm i ng-cable

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