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    CSV ALL-in-one newman Reporter

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    • CSV Result File generator module for newman.
    • This module is based on REST API Automation Test.
    • If you have an problem with using separted version or want more information of running test, please leave a issue at github or email.

    0. Change Log

    version 0.4.3 (2021.09.20)

    1. Fixed parsing Auth params (again)
        1-1. parsingParams
        1-2. parsingAuth
    2. Edited parsing cURL method
        2-1. Same as parsing other entities
    3. Edited parsing Header method
        3-1. Remove useless name fields from parsed header entities

    1. Getting Started

    1-1. Installation

    1. npm i -g newman-reporter-csvallinone

    1-2. How to use

    1. You can use this module like any other newman reporter.
    2. Open cmd or bash.
    3. Type newman cli and add line down below.
    4. '-r csvallinone'
    	ex) newman run collection -e environment -r csvallinone
    5. Default CSV save location. (./$User/newman)

    1-3. Export Option

    • --reporter-csvallinone-export
    Specify a path where the CSV file will be written to disk.
    ex) --reporter-csvallinone-export ./APITest/TestResult/CSV/******.csv
    ex) newman run collection -e environment -r csvallinone --reporter-csvallinone-export ./APITest/TestResult/CSV/******.csv

    2. CSV Output

    2-1. Columns

    no Category Desc example
    1 collectionName Running Collection name Market_Billing_API
    2 environmentName Running Environment name Billing_googleplay_test
    3 folderName Running Folder name API_googleplay_payment
    4 caseName Running TestCase name API_googleplay_payment_001
    5 executedTime Running TestCase executed time 1627552163138
    6 stopTime Running TestCase stop time 1627552163298
    7 requestMethod Request method of TestCase PUT
    8 requestHeader Request header of TestCase {"key":"marketKey","value":"sf92mtkfnalsk28jsdw"}
    9 requestUrl Request URL of TestCase
    10 requestBody Request Body of TestCase {"UDID":"ASFJ082LFN29F8SDFMW0FKDF"}
    11 responseTime Request Time of TestCase(millsec) 12
    12 responseStatus Response Status of excuted TestCase OK
    13 responseCode Response Status of excuted TestCase 200
    14 responseBody Response body of excuted TestCase {"errorCode":0, "subStatus":1}
    15 iteration Iteration of TestCase 1
    16 executedTest Pass Assertion that you set at test script subStatus must be '1'
    17 failedTest Fail Assertion that you set at test script errorCode must be '1'
    18 skippedTest Skiped Assertion that you set at test script errorMessage must be 'Ok'
    19 assertionMessage Assertion message for fail TestCase Expected errorCode '1' but got '0'
    20 curl cURL of each TestCase (can immediately run at terminal curl --location --request PUT --data "
    21 requestParams Request params. (parsing when request params exist) [{"key1":"key1","value":"123"},{"key2":"key2","value":"321"}...
    22 requestAuth Request Auth. (parsing when request auth exist) [{"type":"string","value":"header","key":"addTokenTo"}...
    • requestParams & requestAuth is automatically add to columns when request have that items.
    • Default output file name is --> $Collection-Name($Environenment-Name)-$Date.csv
    • ex) Market_Billing_API(Billing_googleplay_test)-2021-06-12-14-55-42-723-0.csv

    2-2. Remove unwanted columns

    • You can edit 'columns' variable in 'index.js' for remove unwanted colums.
    const columns = [
        // collection info
        // request value
        // response value
        // test info
        // case curl

    2-3. Extra Info

    • Each Assertion is separated with '||'.
    • cURL is made by combining each column.


    npm i newman-reporter-csvallinone

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